Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of a security system

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The security system is a set of electronic devices that follow the concept of securing homes, institutions, government offices, etc. with sensors. Every component of the security system is linked with the control panel. You can arm and disarm the security system at any point of time with the help of control panel. The security systems are usually installed at doors, windows and in some cases inside the house. Motion sensors can be used inside the home. The security system justifies its name as it provides protection from intruders. A security system is operated through a network of integrated electronic devices. The number of security components used in the house depends on the size of the home. There are many companies that deal in security system like Barry Bros Security.

Advantages of a security system

  • Constant protection: Installation of security system ensures that your family has a 24*7 protection from intruders. Some security systems even come with additional feature of fire alarm to provide additional security. As the system works round the clock you can be at peace.
  • Discouragement to criminals: The security systems have lawn signs and placards that tell the intruders that the house is under surveillance. Security systems in itself discourage the criminals from invading.
  • Low insurance rates: The insurance companies may adjust the rates if your house is secured. This gives you a financial advantage.

Disadvantages of a security system

  • No privacy: One of the major fault in a security system is that they cannot protect your privacy. The privacy especially gets affected with the use of security cameras.
  • False alarms: The security systems are electronic devices due to which they have the tendency to make false alarms.
  • Expensive: The security system costs a huge deal of money. Security systems are electronic devices and hence they need regular maintenance.

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