Find out how to act in the event of a traffic accident!

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Traffic accidents are so common personal injury cases in our routine that our judiciary understands that it is a mere day-to-day inconvenience. In most claims, the police report must be made online. However, occurring on a state highway, the document is registered with the State Highway Police, while on a federal highway it is registered with the Federal Highway Police.

In cases of injuries, especially serious ones, it is recommended to contact the competent police authority so that the occurrence is already reported. In the simplest accidents (when there are no victims or mechanical problems), vehicles must be removed from the site urgently, under penalty of a fine to the drivers.

What to do next?

The blame for the event must be investigated, and it is essential that those involved provide their statements in the police report. Still, it is important to obtain photos of the location and vehicles immediately after the accident, besides the data of any witnesses. Note the full name, CPF, telephone, e-mail, address and vehicle data of the person causing the misfortune, such as model, license plate and renewed. Questioning whether the culprit has damage insurance against third parties and notifying the Insurance Company quickly is also an important step. After the trauma of being scared by the accident, it is time to provide quotes for vehicle repairs and to keep all documents related to the event: receipts, invoices, prescriptions, exams, certificates, reports, etc.

What to do in case of medical documents?

It should also be stressed that the relationship between the accident and the damage that has occurred must always be proved. For the damaged vehicle, photos of the damage and detailed workshop budget will demonstrate the situation. For medical issues, reports, certificates or prescriptions will prove the relationship with invoices and receipts for medication, consultations and physiotherapy. It is the right of every accident victim to be compensated for all damages caused to him, such as, for the repair of the vehicle, compensation for damages to personal objects, loss of profits, pension in case of disability, moral and aesthetic damages, etc. Finally, even if there is an agreement with the person responsible for the accident, it is essential to prepare the report and keep any evidence of guilt in the accident, and this includes any messages exchanged in applications, always to guard against eventual withdrawal.

It’s time to get a lawyer

However, there are some aspects which are crucial to be evaluated by you. The figure of this professional is essential when a person’s freedom is restricted by having committed an illegal act or by responding to any debt or accusation. What do you need to know before hiring a lawyer? When a person needs a good Car injury lawyer to mediate his position before justice, it is necessary to pay attention to some issues: professional’s area of ​​expertise, attorney’s references, realize how the lawyer works in practice, read the entire contract before signing, etc. Know your rights and get a lot of information before closing a contract. 

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