Health Insurance for Corporate Fields : Your Options Now

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The most important plus of corporate health insurance is that the employer always pays for it (or almost always). And she pays at a very big discount: a program that costs 6,000 dollars. per year, can cost the employer 2500-3000 dollars. That’s only after the dismissal of an employee, the effect of the “corporate” voluntary Health insurances is terminated.

True, some companies provide an opportunity to extend the program for laid-off employees and save them health insurance. For this, it is necessary not only to draw up an additional agreement with the insurance company, but also to pay the full Cost of the policy. The benefit from such a scheme is clearly small. Moreover, a corporate policy is not such a gift. In such insurance products, the ability to choose the scope of services for an employee is minimized.

The Limits

Yes, there are limits of insurance amounts, and types of medical care are determined by the insured, which in this case is the management of the enterprise. The higher the employee’s position, the more options his policy will include and the wider the coverage. And very rarely, when they have the opportunity to pay a certain amount on their own to insure themselves under a higher-level program. When thinking about the prospect of a “buyback” of corporate health insurance, you should not forget that the set of exceptions in such policies is the same as in individual ones. And in the same way, the circle of medical institutions providing assistance to insured persons is initially determined.

In corporate insurance, this list includes for the most part government clinics. Sometimes the employer pays part of the cost of insurance, and the rest is paid by the employee all this is decided within a particular company and, with the consent of its employees, the Corporate Policy provides a “template” set of medical services and is not always suitable for everyone, but may be interesting for an individual insurer. For example, a corporate health insurance may involve a routine inspection of employees of one enterprise “all at once” on one day or carrying out certain procedures (vitaminization, fluorography) directly on the territory of the company. Should I agree to the corporate health insurance offered by the employer?

YES: The policy is paid by the employer

Insurance is cheaper (if the employer does not offer to pay on their own). There are no deductibles in insurance. No, the employer may oblige employees to pay for the policy on their own. It is not possible to choose the terms of the policy yourself (even for an additional fee). After termination, the contract expires.

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