How Many Bitcoins Are In Existence? How Can You Earn Them?

Today everyone is aware of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is all about investment, profits, and risk. People understand the crypto market and the different types of crypto coins. They used to observe and analyze the crypto market and the changing price status of other currencies so that they could safely and securely invest in the best crypto coins. 

Today crypto is in discussion everywhere and we all know about the different crypto coins introduced in the crypto market day by day. There are over 18000 different types of crypto coins in the crypto world. And from all crypto coins, bitcoin is one of the best crypto coins. 

Presently most people are investing in bitcoin India and earning a good profit. And if you are also interested in the crypto market and want to invest in bitcoin, you can also start your crypto journey. An online bitcoin crypto app will help you as a guide to take the required steps. Various online crypto apps provide every detail and information about the crypto market.  

Do you know bitcoins are there in existence in the crypto market presently? There are around 19 million bitcoins in existence that have been mined. So, if you want to know how you can earn these bitcoins, you should install an online bitcoin crypto app on your android mobile phone. Furthermore, you can get live information about Bitcoin’s price status by using an online crypto news app. It will help you understand the bitcoin status and reduce the risk of investing in BTC. 

If you want to earn with bitcoin, then you should follow the below-mentioned steps carefully;

Mining –

It is one of the best methods of earning money from bitcoins. There are two types of mining, i.e., the first is “personal mining” and the second is “cloud mining.” 

  • An individual can do personal mining. You need to make efforts to earn money with private mining because the supply of bitcoin is limited in comparison to its demand.
  • A group of individuals does cloud mining because this mining method does not involve any recurring charges. 

Accept bitcoin as payments –

Accepting bitcoin as payment is a quick and easy process. You only need to accept payments as bitcoins rather than cash when selling any products. You can offer alternatives to your customers to pay in bitcoins instead of money. You can make your payments secure and safe by accepting payments as bitcoins. 

Buy and hold bitcoins –

You can follow the strategy of buying and holding bitcoin to earn money. For example, you can buy bitcoin and hold it until the right time to sell it again.

Become an affiliate to earn bitcoin –

You can earn bitcoin by leveraging various social media platforms. In addition, you can easily and quickly become an affiliate for bitcoin to make money. 

Trading –

Trading is one of the best and easy ways to earn money by investing in bitcoin. You can use an online bitcoin app to trade or invest in bitcoin or other crypto coins like Ethereum. In addition, you can check the live market status of bitcoin with the help of an online crypto app to take the proper steps and decisions.   

Justin Author