Install access security system in your building 

The fundamental concept in the security is to minimize the risk to the organization and business.  Commonly there are two types of Access Control Systems  like physical and logical used for securing any business and organization.  Logical control system limits connections to files, data and computer networks. Physical access control limits the access to buildings, rooms and physical IT assets.  

 Features of access security system  

Integration – there are some access security systems that can be integrated with CCTV cameras and fire alarms. So you can manage everything from one user interference. It makes your security management easy and reduces the changes of any risk and complexity. 

Custom reports – if you install access security system in your building then each custom report can be automatically emailed to you on daily, weekly and monthly basis. So, you can view the history that who opened the door at what time. You can also get the information about inactivate and unused cards. 

Set up start and expiry dates – with each access card, you can set it to start and stop working on specific dates.  So, you can control entries of employees and workers in your business building by setting expiry date of the access card with your device.

 Automatically lock and unlock doors – if you want to manage security in your building then access security system is the best option. You can set up the schedule of door lock and unlock automatically. It is very useful function of the access control when you forget to unlock the door. 

Set up photo notifications – if you want to secure the business building from unauthorized person then photo notification is the best option. You can set up notification on your computer which show employees photo as they pass through doors. So, you can avoid potential risks and protect your buildings from dangers. 


Justin Author