Jobs that you can have in the field of Digital Marketing

Securing a job is one of the biggest challenges that people face nowadays. People sometimes have to work outside their field of expertise in order to earn. If you are also searching for a job then digital marketing is field where there is very high scope of growth. Websites like can provide you with a list of different jobs available around you related to digital marketing.

There are so many different jobs in this field. Most of them require moderate qualifications and a lot can be secured if you only have a certificate in digital marketing. The following are some prominent career options in this field-

  • Virtual reality developer

Even though VR or Virtual Reality products are still in the development stage, companies are trying to incorporate it into their digital marketing campaigns. This is why there is rise in demand of VR developers currently in the market. This is a technical job and you may be required to have a relevant degree in the field of virtual reality.

  • Internet of things marketing specialist

This is a job under which you will have to create advertisement campaigns based on the data collected from people. This data is collected by the consent of people via their phones, tablets and other devices. You will have access to browsing data and other searches that people do over the internet and you will have to come up with campaign ideas according to the preference of individuals.

  • Bot developers

Bots are normal AI based programs that are being used by nearly every company nowadays uses in order to improve their customer care responses. These bots are basically chat bots that you may find in every support section. They provide automated replies to basic questions and can initiate basic customer care. These are created by computer programming hence companies are constantly searching for able minded professionals for these jobs.

Justin Author