Meaning of die-cut box and how it is useful?

The boxes which are cut from die press from a single sheet is known as Die Cut Box [กล่องไดคัท, which is the term in Thai]. These boxes are highly customizable for different kinds of products. Product from different shape and sizes can easily fit into these boxes. That is why these dies cut boxes are made. So, that company which manufactures different kinds of product can easily fit into the boxes. And they don’t need to create another type box each and every time for their different shape and sizes of the product.

Just one box is necessary to do all the packing of the products. No need to spend a penny extra on different size of boxes. Just make one single box for any type of the product. And the work is done with such a die-cut box.

Many companies are using this die-cut box

Many people have seen these die-cut boxes in their life. But not many of them aware that this was the die-cut box. So, the prime example of a die-cut box is thee mobile phone packaging box. In mobile phone box there are multiple items in it. And company can’t spend more on packaging for different products that come in it. Just one box and everything is in it. It also gives space for arranging different products in single box. And a plus point is the protection is very good of these dies cut box. That is many companies are using it.

It is not that costly

If someone thinks that die-cut boxes are very expensive and it will increase the product price. Then it is not, it is very affordable and people can use it for their product. In order to protect their product very well.


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