Mitsubishi intelligence Works2 Software application Suite

iQ Platform Compatible Programmable Controller Engineering Software MELSOFT  GX Works2

The intelligence Works2 software program suite includes programs and also parameterization software for ALL Mitsubishi Electric items, i.e., PLC, Motion/Servo, Robotic, as well as A.C. Inverters, and the exceptional MELSOFT Navigator task management device. Significantly, it likewise features the GT Works2 software application that you require to program your GOT2000 HMI. The full collection consists of;

  • Melsoft Navigator: System administration software
  • GX Works3: PLC programming software, with GX Designer to provide heritage assistance
  • GT Works2: GOT software for HMI developer
  • MT Works2: Motion controller design software program
  • RT ToolBox2 mini: Robot engineering software program
  • FR Configurator2: Inverter arrangement software application

Mitsubishi GOT2000 Collection HMIs

The fully updated GOT2000 series HMIs provide boosted productivity with reduced operating costs. The user-friendly procedure of the GT27 uses multi-touch feature as well as motion control, such as swipe, or squeeze- zoom to increase the size of windows, even while using handwear covers.

Although the GT23 series does not consist of the multi-touch function, it still provides an exceptional variety of features, supplying a lower-cost choice. All systems are configured using the most recent Mitsubishi GT Works3 software.

Range functions, depending on the details model.

  • Multi-touch, pinch-zoom capability
  • Flush, white panel versions for food, as well as drink applications
  • Integrated Ethernet, RS232, and RS422/485
  • SD flash memory card port
  • Operator verification and logging
  • A wide selection of vehicle drivers for Mitsubishi as well as various other manufacturers controllers
  • All variations have 65K color displays
  • Oil resistant safety sheets available

Seeking even more info? We can help with that

If you would like further information concerning any type of GOT2000 Collection HMI, download and install a duplicate of the PDFs on the right. You can also contact sales advisors or technical assistance. Designers will be happy to help you with your queries.


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