Pack your perishable items and medicines in a unique blister packaging design

Packing of consumer goods and pharmaceuticals needs great deal of care. Thus, it is very essential to pack such items in a much rugged material which ensures that their quality remains intact and they don’t get damaged during transportation process from one place to the other. After considering such aspects most of the companies prefer to consult firms which provide blister packaging design services. 

What is this type of packaging?

To provide specific product to a client, firms design solid blisters which are designed by sophisticated tools as per the specifications and requirements. After the preparation of plastic, commodities are placed inside and then they get sealed with a foil at sealant station. Here pressure as well as heat is applied on the plastic and foil and then they both are joined together. After this process plastic and foil create a bond between them which give rise to product blister. 

Different types of materials used in his packaging


This is considered as the most common material for packaging process. Companies also get to save a great deal of cost by using this material. Basically up to .30 mm of PVC sheets are used for production of packs.


Cyclic Olefin Polymers are basically used to provide impeccable barrier properties to the packaging. Experts mix COP and polyethene together so that they can easily design products which have deep pockets. These materials are considered ideal for packaging of medicines. 


Polychlorotrifluoroethylene is a laminate which is known to protect commodities and medicines from moisture. This material is also considered to have lowest level of water permeation. Thus, it is used for several food and confectionery items.

Uses of these products

UV protection – It is very easy to control the transparency of a blister pack thus one can easily protect several food items from direct sunlight. This increases the shelf life of food items and medicines.

Tamper Evident – It is nearly impossible to reuse these packaging. Once the packing is opened, it is nearly gets destroyed. There are many blister packs which require tools to cut the packaging.

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