Sharks Of Gambling Industry – Part 3

Donald Trump
Successful businessmen rarely limit themselves only to one type of entrepreneurship. He is the CEO of Trump Organization, an American-based real estate developer in the premium real estate market and the founder of Trump Entertainment, which operates gambling casinos. Gambling industry often serves as a good support for main business. This is how the famous American billionaire and politician Donald Trump uses the gambling industry. Trump began his career at his father’s company, the Trump Organization, and initially concentrated on his father’s preferred field of middle class rental housing.

The range of Trump’s interests is very wide, first of all, it is real estate, mass media, restaurants. It is not surprising that such a multifaceted entrepreneur became also interested in gambling industry. Understanding that practically all niches in Las Vegas are occupied, Trump paid his attention to the developing Atlantic City. It is there that he founded three casinos. Now Trump owns «Trump Taj Mahal», «Trump Plaza» and «Trump Marina» in Atlantic City. The fortune of Donald Trump is 2.6 billion dollars, he occupies the 278th position in «Forbes» world rating.

Calvin Ayre
Swift development of IT technologies influences practically all spheres of human activities. Gambling business is not an exception. Now one can play club poker, make bets on the results of sporting events via the internet without leaving home. The pioneer of online gambling was Calvin Ayre. Calvin was born in 1961 in Canada. In student years he worked up selling fruit. Having thus earned 10 thousand dollars, he organizes a company that specializes in IT technologies.

Perhaps, now he would also be engaged in developing, for instance, software, if once upon a time he came across an article that described business that accepted bets via telephone. After reading it Calvn decides to change the profile of his enterprise. In 1994 he creates «Bodog Entertainment Group». Believing in the potential of the computer network Internet, he starts to develop his business specifically in this area. With the help of web portal for the first time people were able to bet online, and then play in casino and club poker. In March 2006 Calvin’s photo appears on the cover of «Forbes», he becomes the first online casino games businessman who made his way into this prestigious magazine. According to “Forbes», Calvin managed to earn 44 million dollars, with this sum he occupies the 746th place in «Forbes» world rating.

How to Pick Out Most Useful Industrial Ladder for You

There can be many uses for an industrial ladder around the house, in a store, and in many other places. To get the most use out of one, you should consider what will give you the most use. If you plan on keeping it in your home, a step ladder could be the most convenient one for you because is is not space consuming like most other ladders. Stocking high shelves in a large store or warehouse can be done safely and easily with a tall step or rolling industrial ladder.

The most common type of household industrial ladder is the step ladder. They come in variable sizes and can be folded for easy storing either in a garage or storage building when they are not in use. A small step ladder can come in handy when reaching shelves in the kitchen or even cleaning areas that are just a little too far up to reach. It is much safer than relying on a dining chair for that extra boost, and most are sturdy enough to hold at least 200 pounds with ease. You can find them made of steel or wood depending on your preference. Wood is fine for indoors but steel would be the best choice for outdoor use because rain and weather would have very little damaging effect to the steel material.

Working stock in a warehouse or store can be a troublesome task without a proper height boosting ladder to get you where you need to be. A step or extension ladder can do the job just fine, but where safety is a concern, a rolling ladder will give you the most security. They are built with sturdy hand-rails and their design prevents them from falling or tipping. It is also be most convenient for this type of setting because you do not have to constantly keep repositioning as you move to a new spot. Simply roll to where you need to be and you are ready to go.

What Makes Business Trips A Bitter Ordeal

Most of us love the thought of free trips and would miss no opportunity to experience these. However, possibly the only people who never look forward to these paid trips are the businessmen. This is because business travel is way more than just that. The tight schedules of business trips are surely going to test your nerves. Most of the times, this means a plenty of insomniac days and nights, no proper meals and plenty of uncomfortable situations. We could go on and on when it comes to the miseries faced by the business travelers. Let’s get to know the worst ones of these.

1. Preparing for the Trip

Most of the busy businessmen would experience that they haven’t entirely recovered from the fatigue of the last trip until another one springs up. Preparing for the trip is truly a hassle, especially if you had repeated trips. While most of the companies might make the essential travel arrangements, you still have to bear the pain of packing for the trip. Although it doesn’t really take that long, all business travelers know the cloud of stress hovering over their heads.

2. Not Being Able to Attend Events

Most of the times, business trips that are prescheduled can’t be changed. This is another misery faced by business travelers. While their mind is supposed to focus on being productive and preparing for the important meetings that are planned ahead, the heart refuses to do so. This is because many of the business trips mean you would have to miss out on important events back home. All businessmen have fallen a victim to this; whether they missed their parent’s silver jubilee celebration or their daughter’s graduation party. These emotional times can often make it difficult for them to focus on what’s planned ahead.

3. Red-Eye Flights

Red-eye flights are probably the best option for a business traveler, and many a times it can also be the worst one for them. Let’s first look at the bright side of these flights. By the time you settle in your plane seat, you are so exhausted that it is easy to fall asleep. However, this is only possible if you aren’t surrounded with talkative travelers. It’s frustrating when your seatmate can’t refuse to stay silent and you end up spending a restless flight. The miseries continue when you land at your destination because you have to spend the rest of the day wide awake and busy in business meetings.

How to Review a Business Complaint

One of the common methods of vetting a business that you have never worked with before is to check to look at the reviews or formal complaints about the business. Some of the common lists to post a review or file a complaint are sites like YELP, the BBB, or Ripoff Report.

Any business that works with a volume of customers over a period of time will have a complaint filed against them. Large businesses like McDonald’s Hamburgers or Amazon have complaints files about something somewhere almost every day. Business that have never had a complaint filed against them probably has not been around very long or does not work with a large sector of the general public.

This is not to say that complaints are not justified. There is more to reviewing complaints than reading how bad the service was from one customers’ point of view. Yes that customer probably had some less than average experience, but in the realm of company performance would not be the norm.

The first item to consider when reviewing a business review or complaint is to look at the number and frequency of complaints. If a company has only one complaint a year, or even a complaint or two for a high volume business, that means that most of the customers are satisfied. Consider that there are television commercials were they advertise their customer satisfaction rate. If the customer satisfaction rate were 97% that means that 97 of 100 customers were satisfied and that 3 were not satisfied. Enhance this to a large volume business and it becomes that 3,000 people out of 100,000 customers were not satisfied.

The second issue is that internet review sites provide a lot of anonymity for the complainer. Social media allows anyone to say anything about anyone with little consequences of their actions. Sites like the BBB and Ripoff Report provide an opportunity for the business to respond to the complaint. To fully and accurately review a business complaint you must also read the response by the business representative. Remember that just because someone can say something on the internet does not make it true.

The other issue is that some people do not understand basic business practices. Yes business are there to provide services to the customer, but are often regulated by a number of internal and external sources. Customers can sometimes expect, or demand far more than a particular business is able to provide.

MBA Financing Options Currently Available

If you are planning to undertake a program of study such as a master’s of business administration degree, an important consideration will be the expense that is incurred. Understanding MBA financing is essential if you do not want to end up worrying about the outlay on a constant basis.

The cost of the program will primarily depend upon the business school that is chosen. There is the possibility of enrolling on a course for less than $10,000 per year, though at this price it is unlikely that the institute would be of a prestigious nature. The average cost for a master’s of business administration in 2009 stood at $40,000 per year, this is in fact much higher than the median salary in the country. Understand that the higher the cost, the more weight the certification is likely to hold in the eyes of employers.

To finance your MBA program, you may need to research various funding sources. There is the option of using your own personal money if you have enough capital, though this may not be a wise choice. There are various bank loans available to individuals wishing to partake of higher studies, student loans have a preferable interest rate as compared to ordinary loans.

If you are already in employment, there is a chance that your company may sponsor your studies. This would depend upon whether you continue to work during the time in which you are taking the MBA, and also how long you have been with the employer. As the benefits of acquiring a master’s degree in business administration are huge, many employers may be willing to help out with the financial costs.

It is possible to apply for a scholarship from various bodies to help meet the expense of your studies. Governments, private organizations, and even the business school or college you apply to may be able to offer financial assistance. To receive a scholarship or bursary you would need to have an outstanding academic background and give proof of your ability to graduate from the program with the best possible grades.

Enrolling for an MBA program is not a decision to be taken lightly. You will need to research the syllabus that is offered, the prestige of the school, and have a clear understanding of how you will pursue MBA financing to support yourself. Upon graduation, the financial rewards that are on offer will make up for any hardship that was felt during the period of study.

Factoring: The Inexpensive Alternative for Financing Your Business

If you own a business – large or small – you need to know about the fast and convenient alternative to business financing or loans from a bank: factoring. Sometimes known as invoice factoring or accounts receivable factoring, this service involves giving any or all of your invoices to a factoring company who purchases your invoices at a small discount, so you receive immediate cash. Many times a factoring company will take on the credit risk of collecting on the invoice.

Whether your company is just starting out or you have been in business for a while, you can use factoring as an inexpensive financial tool to relieve cash flow pressure caused by slow paying customers. Instead of waiting weeks or months to be paid for your invoices on products you’ve already delivered or services you’ve already performed, you receive cash in as little as just a few days.

Some of the major benefits of factoring include:

– No upfront fees – This is not a loan, so there’s nothing to pay back, no monthly payments and no minimum term contracts. Once your cash flow has improved you can stop sending your invoices with no penalty whatsoever.

– Fast funding – Unlike a bank that requires a lengthy approval process, factoring services are simple and fast. There are minimal forms to fill out, and many companies will let you know if you qualify in just a few days or even in as little as 24 hours.

– Easy credit qualifications – In general, factoring companies don’t rely on personal credit scores, business history or lengthy application periods as with traditional funding. Instead they rely on the credit worthiness of your customer.

– Friendly, confidential consulting – Since the factoring company wants to maintain your trust, most companies will work much harder to ensure your account is always serviced promptly and properly. You can always feel free to ask any questions about the process or other services offered at the company.

– Purchase new equipment – With the money you receive from your invoices you can do a wide number of things. Unlike a bank loan, you do not have to specify exactly what you will be doing with the funds. One of the things you can do is purchase new updated equipment for your business. This can help you perform services faster or bring in more clientele, thereby increasing your overall ROI.

– Purchase inventory/seasonal merchandise – Many retail companies encounter difficulties buying seasonal merchandise in addition to the stock they already have on hand. With the fast cash you receive from your invoices you can purchase more of the big seasonal sellers in your industry and in turn sell more products.

– Expand your business ‘Use the cash you receive from your invoices to expand your business and bring in more customers.

– Pay off debt or taxes – It happens to nearly every business, large or small. Tax time sneaks up on you and you can’t cover your business taxes, or maybe you just have a lot of debt to pay off. Instead of waiting 30, 60 or 90 days for clients to pay their invoices, you can receive fast cash to pay off bills that are nearing their due date.

In the Mind of the Entrepreneur – Focus and Follow Through

In this series of articles I will be discussing some of the mindsets that are common to all successful entrepreneurs. This will be followed by a second series that will teach you some tools that will allow you to adopt the mindsets for yourself.
This third article explains more about the focus that is necessary for successful entrepreneurship.

Often he who does too much does too little.
Italian Proverb
Another feature of successful entrepreneurs is their ability to focus when necessary and see projects through to the end. Whilst it is true that some business owners will have several schemes on the go, they will still make progress and make sure important goals are reached.

If you are the sort of person that tends to start lots of different projects but finish none then make sure you have step by step plans for all of them and do not switch from one to another until steps have been completed.

Our brains can only focus on a few things at once so what we call multi-tasking is usually in fact just switching from one task to another which studies have shown is very inefficient as we lose some of the progress that we have made each time we switch.

Systems and boundaries can really help us to focus. Try to move your schedule about so that it fits better with your natural rhythms. If you are at your most focused in the morning then schedule the more thinking intense activities for this time.

Also be aware that if you are working from home, pressures on your time could come from non-work related phone calls or requests for help. Have rules for yourself that limit these interruptions and make sure that friends and relatives are aware of these boundaries.

Focus and the consequent follow-through are vital for your success so increase your odds by removing as many distractions as possible.

If you are constantly hitting road blocks in your life, repeating negative patterns or self- sabotaging yourself then unhelpful mindsets acting out through your subconscious are probably to blame. Learn how to use what we know of the science of the brain to adopt new and empowering mindsets that will help you become successful in business and in life. Katherine Reschke is a mindset coach that can teach you powerful tools that allow you to think in new ways that will dismantle the blocks and negative patterns in your life

Entrepreneurs and the Christian Church

In the 18th century, an early economist and moral philosopher, Adam Smith, wrote a book called An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations. In it he describes the principles of free market economies. He stated that by allowing and encouraging individual enterprise, all the people of nation states would benefit. He believed that individuals, by serving their interests for material gain, would ultimately serve the interests of society.

But his vision remains an elusive dream. One of the most chaotic areas of the human race today is in the world of business were greed and exploitation are rampant. It is one sphere that right morals are often trampled for the sake of profit and Christian capitalist lost their decency. And one big reason behind this is the poor relationship between the businessman and God. They get so preoccupied with their desire to earn more that they stop thinking about the Lord. Many of them don’t even bother to attend Eucharistic celebration anymore.

Though we don’t have a formal survey done on this but we can readily see this trend in our churches today. Sunday masses here in Cebu seem to overflow with churchgoers but if you look at the number of people residing in the city (almost 500,000) and compute the figure that can be accommodated in the existing churches, taking into account the number of masses therein, you will find that only about one-half go to church. The fight of Manny Pacquiao last May 2 faired even better than the attendance during the masses that day.

Business people should realign their priorities and make better their relationship with the Lord. This is only way that order will be established in their sphere and the vision of Mr. Adam Smith will be realized. Our Lord Jesus Christ called us to remain in Him, to hold dearly to the precepts of His church. In John 15:4 He said: Remain united to me and I will remain united to you. A branch cannot bear fruit by itself, it can do so only if it remains in the vine. In the same way you cannot bear fruit unless you remain in me.”

Every Christian entrepreneur should remember this reading and use it to guide his or her undertakings in business. We must remain connected to the source of all power so as not to loss the right values that should govern our trading practices. To strengthen ourselves in building up a Godly environment I would recommend that we should have:

1. Regular church attendance.
2. A Daily prayer time and
3. Habitual Bible reading time

Creating Brand Loyalty – 5 Essential Elements For a Successful and Profitable Email Campaign

To Become A Skilled Email Marketer, you need to understand how to continue improving results over time. The following information will start you on your way to increasing your company’s “Brand Loyalty”.


FACT: 90% of readers will use email to engage in and determine the value of a relationship with a company.

Regardless of the primary purpose of your email, it will have an impact on and be impacted by, the strength of your company’s brand. If the impact is good, your email program will enhance credibility and create a sense of trust with your consumer, which are major components of brand equity.

However, if your brand equity is low, it will create a negative impact and turn away readers from even opening your email to begin with.

If your brand equity is low, it is probably because of one or two reasons:

1) Your company is new and has not established a brand

2) Your brand carries a sense of low value or trust.

In this case, a combination of a preference center and a welcome email is critical, i.e. on your web page where someone is about to opt-in with their email information, it must be clearly stated what the web sites main objectives are and the value proposition (benefits) someone will receive once they opt-in for that information.


Creating an effective email requires that you start with a clear understanding of consumer reality….

What is consumer reality? It is what the consumer is thinking or expecting when they open your email. NOT what your marketing department or employees assume will happen.

In designing your email, there are four basic considerations you should employ:

o Don’t’ assume your email recipient has seen your TV, print, or in-store ad.

Always reference your original ad.

o Your email recipient rarely reads all your emails.

The average email recipient must receive three emails in a row before they even open one.

o The copy in your email may not work.

Email copy is poetic right? REALITY CHECK: make sure you use the most relevant keywords and search phrases people use when visiting your site to make your copy the most effective.

Social Media Strategy – Keeping Your Brand Alive

Social media strategy does not totally veer away from what has been the usual practice when it comes to traditional media strategy. Traditionally, corporations, businesses and organizations need to hire an entire department to handle marketing concerns. This department will need a considerably substantial financial support and of course, a much longer time frame to come up with their marketing strategies. Of course you will still spend money when it comes to paying the people who will do all your social media campaign but it will not be as much as what you would spend for its counterpart in the traditional media.

With the tightening, cut-throat competition between businesses, companies and organizations are finding better and creative ways to tap its potential market making it wider and more accessible. Selling is the process by which one person persuades or convinces another person or group of people, to think or act in accordance to his wishes. But beyond selling, there is a greater need to keep the market hooked on your advocacies, products and services.

Even upon conceptualizing the product, you can make use of social media to conduct a feasibility study or any survey that will help you custom-fit your product to suit the choosy and critical taste of the public. Just create a survey and send it via email or post it at all social networking sites for people to answer and give back to you. It is imperative to note that the social media’s greatest advantage is that it is public. Meaning, everybody embraces it as if their own. You will also readily obtain the result of the survey from a wider coverage, at faster speed, and possibly at lowest cost.

Keeping track of your brand’s performance on the market can also be done through the social media strategies that your company has planned to do. Another social media benefit is that it is interactive. Once you start a conversation, others may join and talk back. You can really get the pulse of your customers first hand because you can get to interact with them. And because social media sites value the importance of privacy, users feel free to talk especially in the network that they trust, giving honest feedback, opinions and suggestions.

Your business can grow in leaps and bounds through the help of the social media strategies that your company will implement. Through the views posted by your network, you can informally brainstorm for new ideas, new products and new brands. Your consumers will be able to come up with new ideas wherein you could use for your brand. In doing such, they will embrace the brand as their own because they will feel that their voices and opinions matter to the brand owner. This will provide you the arms to battle another market with either a better brand or a totally new product.

Involvement breeds loyalty. If you keep your consumers involved in your business employing the social media strategy, you will keep them, not only loyal to your brand, but also to your name – all of these you can do through the help of a social media strategy.

Vizeum, part of Aegis Media launched in Australia through a major partnership venture with FRANk and we have happily rebranded as FRANkVizeum in our Melbourne office. In Sydney the brand remains as Vizeum. Since its inception in 2003 Vizeum has expanded into 47 offices over 36 countries with global network billings over US$5.3 billion. Similar to FRANk, Vizeum was set up as a challenger brand, to help clients interrogate the way their brands are perceived in the marketplace. Its thrust, first and foremost, is to understand what stimulates people and drives motivation to consider and engage with the brands they buy.