Simple Things You Need To Put In Mind When Installing Boltless Rack Shelving

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One thing you’ll love about the boltless rack shelving is its flexibility. When you install over your space, you get the privilege and freedom to customize your shelving as you would wish to. But to get the best shelving, you need to be careful with the decisions you make. 

This article shares with you the simple things you need to put in mind when installing boltless rack shelving. 

  • Your Need 

The first thing you need to think about is the purpose you need to use the boltless rack shelving for. When you know whether you need them for storing or displaying goods, then you’ll be good to make your decision. You can’t skip or avoid to think about this critical factor because it determines everything else that you’ll get with your Boltless rack shelving malaysiya.

You also need to think about the nature of goods you would wish to store or display on the racks. Are they bulky, light, long, compact, or how do they look like? This is another question you should ask yourself even before you invest any money in buying the racks and installing them in your space. 

And once you think about the need for the boltless rack shelving, everything else will fall in place. You’ll have answers for all other questions you could be having about the kind of racking system you need. 

  • Availability 

Something else you need to think about is the availability of the racking system in your market. You don’t want to make up your mind and get the budget, only to struggle to find the racks easily. You can opt to get the racks from far, but will your budget allow you? So, find out if you can find these racks in your market. 

And if you find the racks, find out their specifications. How long are they? Can they be adjusted? And most importantly, find out if you can get all the boltless racks you need to have a complete shelf installed. 

  • Your Space 

What space do you have? Is it large enough to take the number of boltless racks you need to set up complete shelves? This is critical in everything you do. When you are careful with space, you’ll make a good decision and set up shelves that will maximize the available space. 

Also, you need to check the space layout. It’s even advisable to get an in-depth analysis of your warehouse layout and capabilities. If you get an expert to do the analysis, they can help you save a lot of space and improve on every function that the store can deliver. 

And most importantly, you need to ensure that the layout you have in your store is suitable for installing the Boltless Racking System. Check Eonmetall to help with this decision. 

Lastly, Think About Your Budget 

After you have ticked all the boxes, you need to face reality and determine if you have enough budget to buy and install the boltless rack shelving. 


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