Snap Frames from Eagle Rock Fabrication

Eagle Rock Fabrication is a small scale fabrication company located at the center of the Rocky Mountains in United States of America. They fabricate stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum and some special exotic alloys. They feature an array of shop equipment that includes shear, press brake, drill press and iron worker. The mission of the company is to provide the customers with high quality products at a suitable but competitive price. The company is well settled for 20 years and looks forward to grow more in the future. Todd Vadnais and Dave Clark are the founders and owner of this company. Owners along with their big team are thoroughly dedicated to complete the tasks that are given to them. The procedure of fabrication begins with the analysis of the customer’s specification, after that the concept of the task, engineering of the task and the installation is done by the owners with the help of the workers working under them. They put extra focus on the quality of the product as they do not compromise on the quality and provides the final product within the given time.

Equipment’s Provided by the Company

The company providessnap frames, iron worker, drill press, turning lathe and milling machine. Along with this it also supplies high def CNC plasma cutters, these cutters use the latest plasma cutting technology and provides cleaner and sharper edges. The company also provides various welding services like MIG welding, TIG welding and Stick welding. For heavy works the company provides bridge cranes which weigh more than 5 tons. Eagle Rock Fabrication provides a wide range of equipment and services to the customers. They provide 10‘X ¼ ‘shear, 10’ press brake of 190 tons, horizontal and vertical band saws. Band saw is basically a power saw that have long and sharp blades, the blades consist of many toothed metals which helps in cutting the wood or metal easily

Industrial and Agricultural Solutions

Eagle Rock Fabrication also provides agricultural and industrial solutions. They provide huge tanks for holding the potatoes, sorting tables, conveyor system brush washers, sponge dryers. For large industries they produce huge fuel tanks, steel trusses, properly engineered platform, catwalks, ladders also don’t forget about snap frames and many more. For both agriculture and industrial purposes, unique business needs unique equipmentisrequired; Eagle Rock Fabrication provides custom made equipment as per the requirement of the business. This makes the business more efficient and helps the business to proper more.

Justin Author