What Is the Option for Debt Collection

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Debt collection is the whole activity undertaken by trained professionals in the field of recovery of receivables for entities that outsource these activities. Debt collection in practice is an advanced process that consists of a number of different activities.

Today, arrears are being collected for various reasons, e.g. debt collection, receivables, bank debt collection. There are also entities whose profession is international debt collection. Hiring the debt collection agency is the best option there.

Debt collection what is it? What are the different types of debt collection?

Debt collection is the activity of trained people to recover their debts. Currently, debt collection is carried out in various ways. Due to the subject of debt collection or the territorial scope of the debt collection activities carried out, there are:

  • bank debt collection – payment of funds to the bank is enforced, e.g. overdue loan installments, accrued fees on the accounts,
  • collection of invoices – payment of funds to entrepreneurs for their products, services is enforced,
  • debt collection – payment of various forms of receivables is enforced,
  • debt collection – payment of funds from the debtor to the creditor is enforced,
  • foreign debt collection (international debt collection) – the payment of due funds from the debtor to the creditor is enforced when the debtor is a foreigner, whether he went abroad ,
  • debt collection from private persons – payment of funds from the debtor – private person to the creditor is enforced ,  
  • debt collection – payment from the debtor – entrepreneur, company to the creditor is enforced .

Most often, however, bank debt collection is carried out (at the request of financial institutions) and invoice collection (at the request of entrepreneurs who want to receive remuneration for their services, products).

Debt collection in practice – how does debt collection work?

Debt collection is a profession that is associated negatively. This is largely due to the fact that the methods used by debt collectors are already famous. Most often, however, debt collection and debt collection is carried out as follows:

  • amicable debt collection : talks are conducted with the debtor, correspondence, he is offered repayment in installments, on preferential terms of his debt,
  • field debt collection (direct debt collection) : field debt collectors go to the place of residence of the debtor in order to call him to pay the debt , obtain a binding declaration as to when the funds will be paid by him, which is the reason for the delay,
  • telephone debt collection : employees of the Debt Collection Department call the debtor, send an SMS, ask for telephone contact regarding further debt repayment, the delay so far,
  • pre-trial debt collection: it is a definition of conducting debt collection activities, for example after termination of the loan agreement, in order to obtain the amount from the debtor before the case is referred to the court stage, to enforce the debt,
    online debt collection: debt collection activities carried out via e-mail correspondence,
  • soft debt collection : conducting debt collection activities without direct visits or directing to court, mainly via SMS, making phone calls, sending written correspondence,
  • hard debt collection : conducting advanced debt collection activities, when soft debt recovery did not give the expected result, field visits, environmental interviews, referral of the case to court.

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