Which Areas Can IoT be Applied?

Five ways the Internet of Things is transforming businesses today ...

The ultimate goal of production is to make a maximum profit which is as a result of increased productivity. Hence, industries device means to help increase productivity. Digitization, Ethernet, assembly line, etc. has their way of contributing to productivity. Another of such technology is the IoT.

The internet of things (IoT) refers to the connection of various devices and sensors (such as door locks, light bulbs, etc.) to the internet and other network connections. These connected devices are known as smart devices, and once connected; they can perform functions on their own with little or no human interaction.

A variety of things can be connected to the IoT. Hence; it can be applied in all industries and even for personal use. Devices connected to the IoT must have sensors for the collection of data from their environments for processing. The type of data to be processed depends on the function of the device. Data collected have to be communicated to the rest of the IoT (which may be another smart device or a computer). Hence the device must be connected to the internet and must be identified through its IP address.

IoT Can Be Applied in Various Fields, Including:

Factories: Tasks along the production line can be automated, making them more efficient and less prone to accidents. Industrial internet of things (IIoT) is mostly used in factories and industries.

Homes and Personal Use: Individuals make use of smart devices such as fitness trackers, smartwatch, smart locks, light bulbs, etc.

City Governance: IoT plays vital roles in planning and governing a city in ways like controlling traffic, public safety, managing resources, capturing data, etc.

Business: Businesses operating on a large scale can adopt IoT technology to be more productive and more cost-effective.

Health care: IoT may be applied in health care to determine the condition of patients, make a diagnosis, etc.

Retail: IoT may be used in retail businesses to determine the price of goods, locate goods in the store, etc.

The IoT is yet another technology to make life easy.


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