5 Best Linux Distributions for Beginners in 2019

Traditionally, Linux has been associated with developers and coder’s operating systems, but over time efforts have been made to make Linux more attractive to the average user. However, Linux does come in many different types, called “flavors” or “distributions.” This is simply because Linux is so incredibly configured that different formats evolve according to different needs or interests of the user community. However, it is believed that there are numerous distributions of Linux where every single offering its own unique and specific demands. Different implementations make Linux a preferred operating system, but choosing the best system can be daunting. On the other hand, while obtaining Linux administration certification, beginners should consider the prospects of Internet devices installations and connections, along with their performance and community support accordingly.

Linux Distributions for Beginners

Following are the five key distributors of the Linux for beginners in 2019:

Manjaro Linux

Manjaro Linux is well-known as a distribution that has been gaining in popularity lately, and for good reason. Office, based in Linux, fast, aesthetic and user-friendly, it contains easy-to-use installation software and comes with everything you need to pre-install. The highlights of Manjaro Linux networking and system administration is amazing hardware support thanks to a hardware analyst so that one might not have a concern regarding installing additional drivers, and when you are in trouble and looking for support, Manjaro has a great community that is ready to help you, and provide Linux system administrator training. Some might say that Manjaro should not be used by beginners, so be careful, even if everything can be done in the GUI and it is a very powerful and powerful implementation. Manjaro has its software repository that stores the latest software. While providing up-to-date software is a priority for users, stability is not guaranteed. This is one of the major differences between Arch and Manjar. Manjaro delays releasing packages to ensure they are completely stable and no regression occurs.


If you have been searching on the Internet for Linux, you’ll probably meet Ubuntu. Ubuntu is one of the leading Linux implementations, it is also a great way to start your Linux journey. Ubuntu is labeled Linux for humans. In fact, Ubuntu has done a number of total usability tests. Ubuntu does not require you to have the technical sound you need to use it. This breaks the Linux idea command line problems. This is one of the main assets that brought Ubuntu to its current level. Ubuntu provides a very convenient installation process through Linux networking and system administration. The installer usually speaks English (or one of the main languages of your choice). The Ubuntu interface is GNOME, it is simple and productive, one can search for programs or files by pressing the Windows key. However, determining the operating systems based on advanced phase, here it comes with its own storage set of programs known by Ubuntu, though by the assistance of it one can find and install thousands and thousands of applications. All the same, it is considered that the desktop of Ubuntu Linux might not seem user-friendly for individuals who have already known the trick and techniques of the computer, and hardware devices.

Zorin O-S

By considering the fan-following of Windows-7, the operating system of the Zorin might be the ideal implementation Linux for any person. Though, if one is not a huge fan of Windows-7, so can be supposed to choose another user-interface for the operating system of Zorin respectively. However, this can be supposed as right for the dialog setting which is a way to switch between very Windows 7 interfaces, presentations. However, the Builder of the desktop lets you change the title bar button from right to left, toggle certain desktop icons on and off and enable/disable desktop animations. Indeed, the operating system of Zorin is considering as the only player that is listed and likewise comprises of wine. Zorin’s operating system has an amazing themed machine called “Zorin’s look to change.” It offers bold presets to make your operating system look like Windows 7, XP, 2000 or even Mac, you will feel right at home.

Elementary OS

Looking at Linux distribution for Windows users, let’s also look at things for Mac-OS users. The core system has quickly become famous and, thanks to its aesthetic core, is still on the list of top categories. Inspired by the Mac-OS layout, Elemental OS is one of the most beautiful classes in Linux. Elemental OS is the second operating system based on Ubuntu, which means that the operating system itself is undoubtedly stable. The main operating system includes the Pantheon work environment. You may notice something like a Mac-OS desktop right away. This is an advantage for Mac-OS users who choose Linux because they are very comfortable with the desktop and very adaptable to this change. However, Elemental OS has a smaller selection of applications, but fear not; App-Center has a built-in component that lets you put every single thing that is supposed to require by a person for work in Linux networking and system administration. On the other hand, an Elementary operating system is likewise considering as the complete implementation of Linux for the new users or also beginners. Access is also very easy. All in one place. You can get all the software you want and update it with just a few clicks.

Linux Mint Mate

Many using Linux are trying to revive older computers for the Linux system administrator training. In Windows 10, many computers with real scripts became unusable a few years ago. Google will ask you to install Linux on such computers. This way you can keep them in place for the foreseeable future. Linux Mint Mate is a great introduction to Linux if you’re looking for something to run on older computers. Linux Mint Mate is very lightweight, resource-efficient, yet sophisticated. Works great on computers with lower muscular strength. Watches and channels do not fit into the office environment, however, it is not used in any other office environment. The operating system is intrusive and allows you to work hard on computer problems without problems. Again, Linux Mint Mate is Ubuntu-based and has the advantage of a huge storage of Ubuntu software. It comes with a minimum pre-determined need. Easy to install driver and parameter control.