Affordable Auto Insurance, Finding The Best Deal

When searching for the best auto insurance deal on the market, it’s wise to know this list of options available. Additionally, it’s essential to comprehend the types of auto insurance, and what each company can provide for its clientele. Studying these packages can ensure an understanding of what policy fits perfectly. This could all depend on the city, state, condition of the vehicle, the type of vehicle and the age of the driver.

What is affordable auto insurance?

Depending on the insurance company, prices for vehicle insurance can vary depending on the policy plan and company. Affordable insurance is when an insurance company or agent can provide an excellent amount of coverage for a fair price. Depending on the insurance company, some plans include packages that protect the vehicle as well as the health of the driver. Insurance companies can also provide great insurance offers to a client, combining multiple insurance plans into one package deal. However, if the individual is dealing with an insurance company that specializes in vehicle insurance only, generally they will cover the car, property damage, and the driver. When auto insurance is affordable, these coverages are either fully covered or deducted. The deduction amount will vary from what policies the auto insurance agent can offer.

Finding affordable auto insurance

The market is streaming with auto insurance companies and the competition is at an all-time high. As a result, making it the perfect time to purchase an affordable vehicle insurance plan. Keep in mind, even with competitive competition from various companies, insurance pricing can vary from person to person. This also includes if the driver has previously been in an accident before or if they have a history of driving under the influence. But, if the driver has an overall clean record and the vehicle is up to standard, insurance is fairly affordable for most policyholders. The best way to find cost-efficient auto insurance is to search for an insurance agent. An insurance agent will be more than happy to assist you in your search for excellent insurance for their customer’s vehicles. Generally, an insurance agent will be able to provide a list of insurance plans and policies. As the buyer, it’s their job to understand what policies are available and choose a plan that’s perfect for their driving style. Searching for auto insurance online is also a great way to get a foot through the door.

Best auto insurance companies on the market


This insurance company is one of the most affordable vehicle insurance on the market today. Excellent drivers with no reported accidents have an average rate of under $1200 yearly. Furthermore, being the most affordable for drivers who have been in previous at-fault accidents. The overall average being $1900 a year. They also have a minimum coverage package plan which averages out to $500 a year.

State Farm

Compared to Geico, State Farm is the second most affordable auto insurance agency. However, some packages might be beneficial as compared to Geico depending on the driver. Excellent drivers with no history of accidents get great coverage with an annual rate of $1500. Drivers who were in previous at-fault accidents are looking at a yearly payment of $2000.


Progressive auto insurance plans provide its customers with an average rate of $1,700 a year for excellent drivers. Drivers with a previous history of at-fault accidents are looking at an average of nearly $3,000 annually.

Liberty Mutual

This insurance company delivers excellent insurance package plans to their clientele. Liberty Mutual isn’t the cheapest on the market, however, their customer service makes up for it. An excellent driver with no history of accidents can find themselves paying a yearly fee of $1800. Drivers who have terrible credit generally pay around $2,500 per year.