Asbestos surveys: everything you need to know about it

The use of asbestos containing material were used for building constructions for a long period of time till the death troll occurred in the early 90s and it was completely banned in 1991. 

The frequent use of asbestos containing materials could only mean that there are still building standing tall from the 90s that may contain asbestos. 

However, if asbestos materials are new and in a good working condition, free from all sorts of disturbance, it does not pose a risk. But on the other hand, if the materials are damaged and not in a good condition, asbestos fibre may be released in the air and if inhaled can cause serious medical health conditions. 

About 40% of workers in construction companies or a site, die as a result of being exposed to the asbestos fibre. This is likely to occur, if you do not follow the correct safety tips. But most times, they are unaware of the fact that they may be disturbing the asbestos causing material just by mere daily routines in the construction site.

Fortunately, steps have been taken to prevent this from continuously occurring by making inquiries if there may be asbestos containing materials In the building. To find ways to approach the situation.

Asbestos survey: types

The complete inspection of building material, demolished building and while building is called the asbestos survey. It is important to carry out this asbestos test on suspected asbestos material. However, the type of asbestossurvey to choose depends on how long the building has lasted among other conditions.

The two main types of asbestos survey include:

  • Demolition/refurbishment survey
  • Management survey

Demolition/refurbishment survey

A demolition/refurbishment survey is used when a building needs to be renovated or demolished. The asbestossurvey test would ensure that all asbestos containing material are identified and and taken away before any construction work begins. 

This helps keep all the worker safe and clear of any asbestos containing material. 

Management survey

The management asbestos survey is carried out on normal building in use, to inspect and make sure that if there are asbestos containing materials in the building, it is either not posing a risk to the occupants an in good condition.

It ensures that at the end of the day nobody get harmed. And that the asbestos containing materials are not disturbed if there are any. 

If perhaps, the survey locates damaged asbestos containing materials, swift action would be taken to replace them. such as repairing damaged pipes and installing new cable, etc


to make sure that the survey test is carried out effectively, you should make enquires to get a competent surveyor to do the job. Before a survey can be carried it, this is a very important factor to consider, to prevent further loss of live or creating more health risks for the occupants

Justin Author