Is Income Tax Levied on The ULIP Surrender Value Pay-Out?

When looking to invest in a viable financial instrument, one of the features that many investors look for is the tax-saving element. Ideally, an investment option should offer tax benefits along with good returns. Tax benefits are usually of two types – tax deductions and tax exemptions. Are you wondering if there are any financial […]

Ways to pay the electricity bill without stepping out of home

With the Covid-19 pandemic situation getting worse by the day, stepping out of home is no less than a death threat. Even before the pandemic hit the world, visiting the distribution office physically to pay electricity bills were a hassle. On some days, the queues can become unbearable. However, the truth is that you have […]

Buying a House in Sydney? Hire a Sydney buyers’ Agent and Own that Dream House

Like in any endeavor, buying a home should be done right and carefully. While it brings big excitement and fun, one wrong move and it can turn into your biggest life’s mistake. To avoid any headaches in your home buying process especially when eyeing a Sydney house, hiring a Sydney buyer’s agent will not only […]

What would the world do without fasteners?

Most everything you use or look at has something or things’ to hold it together. What is a fastener? Well, they keep things together usually in non-permanent fashion as you can replace it with a new one or a different kind of fastener. What are they called specifically? Screws, bolts, nuts, washers, speed nuts, cotter […]

What Is An Ink Rub Tester

There is a worldwide standard for testing the abrasion resistance of materials including printed materials. Abrasion resistance is very important. This will help determine if damage to an item can occur while shipping, storing, handling, and using printed material. The ink rubber test will be able to test the product to determine its abrasion resistance. […]

The Basics of Subrogation Law

Subrogation, or also called a “weave of law,” is the process whereby an adverse party to a judicial proceeding has a set of rights to assert against the other parties to the proceeding. For example, under the common law, an adverse party may submit a petition or lawsuit against the losing party, usually an attorney, […]

Your Guide To Business Travel

Avoiding Corporate Chaos from Pinnacle Furnished Suites Traveling is a necessity for many professionals. Whether it is an attempt to win over a new client, supervising an important project or being a representative at an event, you need to be at your best. With so much riding on your performance, it is important that you […]

How timesheets improves the total efficacies of business?

An employer has zillion things to look after and monitoring employees are prominent amongst all. When it comes to monitoring your employees, it is mandatory to keep an eye on their working timings and overtime. Scrutinizing work timings paves a way to fish out employees who are leading chronic lateness and other such activities. Gone […]

Affordable Auto Insurance, Finding The Best Deal

When searching for the best auto insurance deal on the market, it’s wise to know this list of options available. Additionally, it’s essential to comprehend the types of auto insurance, and what each company can provide for its clientele. Studying these packages can ensure an understanding of what policy fits perfectly. This could all depend […]

Is Demat Required For SIP?

Atul is a novice mutual fund investor. He has read a few articles in the newspapers and online media regarding the benefits of mutual funds in creating wealth in the long term. This fascinated him towards this investment avenue and he decided to start with a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) as a first step. One […]