In the Mind of the Entrepreneur – Focus and Follow Through

In this series of articles I will be discussing some of the mindsets that are common to all successful entrepreneurs. This will be followed by a second series that will teach you some tools that will allow you to adopt the mindsets for yourself.
This third article explains more about the focus that is necessary for successful entrepreneurship.

Often he who does too much does too little.
Italian Proverb
Another feature of successful entrepreneurs is their ability to focus when necessary and see projects through to the end. Whilst it is true that some business owners will have several schemes on the go, they will still make progress and make sure important goals are reached.

If you are the sort of person that tends to start lots of different projects but finish none then make sure you have step by step plans for all of them and do not switch from one to another until steps have been completed.

Our brains can only focus on a few things at once so what we call multi-tasking is usually in fact just switching from one task to another which studies have shown is very inefficient as we lose some of the progress that we have made each time we switch.

Systems and boundaries can really help us to focus. Try to move your schedule about so that it fits better with your natural rhythms. You can discover what this rhythm is exactly if you keep track of your productivity flow within employee monitoring system. If you are at your most focused in the morning then schedule the more thinking intense activities for this time.

Also be aware that if you are working from home, pressures on your time could come from non-work related phone calls or requests for help. Have rules for yourself that limit these interruptions and make sure that friends and relatives are aware of these boundaries.

Focus and the consequent follow-through are vital for your success so increase your odds by removing as many distractions as possible.

If you are constantly hitting road blocks in your life, repeating negative patterns or self- sabotaging yourself then unhelpful mindsets acting out through your subconscious are probably to blame. Learn how to use what we know of the science of the brain to adopt new and empowering mindsets that will help you become successful in business and in life. Katherine Reschke is a mindset coach that can teach you powerful tools that allow you to think in new ways that will dismantle the blocks and negative patterns in your life

Justin Author