Pros and cons of hiring part-time domestic helpers

Getting a helper to assist in your day to day work at home is a good thing.  It will ensure that you concentrate on your work to bring food on the table and that your family stays comfortable. An option of doing so is knowing the 外傭 and getting a foreign helper to assist. 

What should you settle for? Should it be a live-in or a part-time maid? Of course, if you are going the foreign helper way, then it must be a live-in. The following are the pros and cos of hiring a part-time maid. Check them out and see if you will abandon the idea of a foreign domestic helper and go for a local part-time one.

Hiring part-time domestic helper

 Because more home-based jobs are cropping up every day, people tend to stay most of the time in their houses most of the days. While having the whole day to schedule your work, there are some house chores that you might be unable to do.

If you want to be on a budget while at the same time keep your house clean and neat, getting part-time services for cleaning the home might be the choice you should settle for. If you decide that you are hiring a part-time helper, you can go to a maid agency and make inquiries about the type of maids they have. The following are the pros and cons of going for a part-time helper:



It doesn’t matter how good you are with your domestic work. There are instances when you will require an extra helping hand when it comes to cleaning your house. When you hire a part-time helper, it gives you time to engage extra help at that time you require it. You can engage such services for the post-party clean-up. Because they are paid on an hourly basis, you can plan out what you want them to do so that you avoid having to pay extra.


If you value your privacy, then your best option when it comes to house help is to hire a part-time one. Because part-time maids are not going to live in your house, they don’t infringe on your privacy.



Being a part-time maid, they work on schedule and, therefore, not exclusively waiting for your work. It could be a problem, especially during festive seasons, when the demand for them is higher than the supply.


Unless you request that you get the same maid, or make a contract to hire a part-time helper, it might be hard to get the same person to do the cleaning. With that, you will have to keep briefing the maids whenever you want to utilize their services. 


If you want to engage part-time maids from an agency, it will be hard to get the same one whenever you require their services. Though companies train their employees to a particular standard, they have their own strong and weak points. It means that you might find one maid who seems to be more suited for your work than the other.

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