Rizzo-isms You Need To Live By: Achieving Success And Happiness

Steve Rizzo has cracked the code of finding success and happiness in life. He’s a strong believer that everyone has the capability to get past the obstacles life throws at them as long as they take the time out to self-reflect, change their behaviors and adjust their attitudes accordingly.

We’ve compiled a list of Rizzo-isms you need to live by to achieve success and find happiness in life:

1.   Steve Rizzo on Self-Victimization

“Too many people relinquish control of their lives and accept their circumstances for what they might seem to be. Why? They don’t know they have a choice, the tools, the power, or the knowhow to confront their fears and challenges head-on.”

It’s so easy playing the victim. When you say that others are to blame for your circumstances you instantly rid yourself of all responsibility.

By blaming your “luck” and those around you, you give up control and essentially say that you can’t do anything to change the situation you’re in—which is simply not true!

Steve believes that every individual has the power to turn their lives around; they just need to face their fears head-on, accept when they’ve made mistakes and try a different route.

We can regain control over our lives; we just need to arm ourselves with the correct tools and adopt a constructive mindset.

2.   Steve Rizzo on Running Away From Challenges

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“The only losers in the game of life are those who, for whatever reason, fail to use their challenges as a springboard for growth.”

No one has ever gone through life without facing some challenges. Those that take on these challenges and use them as a teaching moment come out stronger on the other side. They pick up new skills and techniques that prepare them for challenges in the future.

Shying away from challenges and confining yourself to your comfort zone isn’t going to keep you from making any sort of progress.

So if you’ve been sitting behind a desk for the last decade and avoiding pursuing your dreams of having a business of your own, it’s time you push past the fear!

3.   Steve Rizzo on Finding Your Passion

“When you make being feeling happy of paramount importance to you, you will seek out that which truly makes you feel happy.”

Passion is defined as an intense enthusiasm for someone or something. When we’re passionate about what we’re doing in life, we do what it takes to get better at it.

Unless you love your job, you’re never going to give it your all. Finding your passion will turn everything around—your professional and personal life.

To find your passion, you simply have to prioritize your happiness. When you put your happiness first, finding your passion comes easy.

Steve Rizzo knows all about discovering your passion and finding inspiration in life. His best-selling books Get Your SHIFT Together and Motivate This are filled with gems that guide readers toward the path of success and happiness.

His business acumen combined with his wit makes Steve one of the most sought out motivational keynote speakers in the country. Check out the Sizzle Reel to get a glimpse of Steve in action and call 512-986-2868 for bookings.


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