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How does the ths4541 work?

The THS4541 offers an effective solution over a broad range of applications. Two examples are developed here. First, an attenuator stage that directly receives a higher input signal voltage and translates it to a lower differential swing on a fixed common-mode is shown. This design requires some attention to frequency-response

Can the ths4541 be used with an AC-coupled differential source? AC-Coupled, Differential-Input to Differential-Output Design Issues There are two typical ways to use the THS4541 with an ac-coupled differential source. In the first method, the source is differential and can be coupled in through two blocking capacitors. The second method uses either a

What is the input noise of a ths4541 balun?

Using the typical input referred noise terms for the THS4541 (eni= 2.2 nV and in= 1.9 pA) and sweeping the total gain from the input of the balun to the differential output over a 10-dB to 24-dB span, gives the input noise figure shown in Figure 75. Figure 75. Noise Figure versus Total Gain with the Two Input Baluns of Table 7

What is the PF of the ths4541 slos375a?

THS4541 SLOS375A –AUGUST 2014–REVISED SEPTEMBER Typical Applications (continued) The 1 pF across the inputs is really a total 1.85 pF, including the internal differential capacitance, and a Cs =

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