The Perfect Coins You Need Now

People have been making up to $100,000 or more off this unusual hobby

Is your company celebrating its anniversary? Individual pieces are an ideal gift. They are an excellent way to create a strong bond between your employees and your customers and perfectly demonstrate the mentality of your company through their quality and precision.

Do you have employees who have been present for 5,10,15 or even 20 years in your company? Thank them for their loyalty by offering them a gold or silver coin with your company logo and a few words of thanks. You are sure to make them happy.

Does one of your colleagues leave the company and retire? Have a piece made in his name to facilitate his departure. Thus, he will always remain with you and the room will bring back all the good memories related to this person within your company. The use of the Custom challenge coins is perfect there.

Company anniversary


Does your agency take care of a record label, create events, or simply take care of the advertising? Order a few samples from us for free and see for yourself the effect on your customers when they have them in their hands! With these coins or medals you make sure you are taken seriously.

Local currency

Municipality and trade associations

Regional economic promotion is becoming more and more important for local businesses. But how can this promotion are achieved? Perhaps by creating a regional currency. We provide the coins for these regional or local currencies. They promote local commerce, tourism and retain customers in certain businesses.

Armed forces and civil protection

We must remember the commitment of the armed forces, the police, the fire brigade and the Red Cross. With our high quality parts we help. Our coins and decorations are used by police forces, armed forces and institutions around the world, to strengthen solidarity and the links between them, but also to remind them of their past successes.

Custom 3D zinc alloy coins

Zinc alloy coins can represent totally cubic motifs or coins designed with empty spaces. Challenge coins made in zinc alloy can be filled with soft enamel colors, imitations of hard enamel or smooth without colors. See our sample photo below.

Mint coins (coins with mirror effect)

Mint coins can be made with brass and zinc alloy material, the character of mint coins is subversive than another effect, the embedded areas will be shiny like a mirror and the relief pieces will have a matte finish. Most mint coins without full colors, as they interfere with the bright effects.

Create a life-size image of how you want the medal, be it a hand-drawn design or computer print. Remember that the edge must be circular and also take into account the amount of material you have before building the figure.