5 Uses of Industrial Hoses That You Never Knew

When it comes to industrial hydraulic hose assemblies, you might not be familiar with them. Industrial hoses come in many different forms and can be used in many different ways! Here are five uses of industrial hoses that you probably never  knew about.

1) Chemical Fume Extraction Hose

Industrial fume extraction hoses play a major role in chemical manufacturing and laboratory equipment, as well as many other industrial processes. It is crucial to keep these hoses in good working order at all times. By implementing a professional cleaning schedule, you will have peace of mind knowing that your workplace is safe from toxic fumes and noxious gases. It’s equally important to make sure that you are following safety protocols when using fume extraction hose assemblies at all times.

2) Air Compressors

Air compressors are designed to run off of industrial hoses, so you can use one hose assembly for multiple purposes, such as air circulation and air pressure. In fact, your air compressor may be one of your most valuable tools—especially if you do construction work or maintain several vehicles. If your air compressor breaks down, it could take you hours to get back up and running; time that’s better spent elsewhere.

3) Hydroponics

Hydroponics is a system for growing plants without soil. It allows you to control every aspect of your plants’ environment, from light, temperature and water levels down to pH balance, nutrients and even air quality. For example, industrial hoses make excellent irrigation systems in hydroponic setups. In fact, they’re so well-suited to hydroponics that many companies sell pre-assembled hose assemblies just for these purposes!

4) Air Hose

Industrial hoses are used to transport a variety of materials in manufacturing facilities and warehouses. These industrial hoses can carry gases, liquids, powders and granules, which range from dry material to very wet or sticky. The air hose is sometimes referred to as an airline. It is used in conveying compressed air from a compressor to where it’s needed. Here are five uses that may surprise you.

Ventilation Hose

In industrial settings, ventilation hoses are used to ventilate a number of things. Any type of machine will likely require ventilation and if there is no way for it to be vented naturally, an industrial hose will be needed. Ventilation hoses are used in commercial settings as well such as office buildings or retail stores. In these commercial settings, although a natural breeze through windows may suffice for some businesses, many shops need their windows closed because they can’t compete with outdoor store fronts like restaurants and cafes.

Justin Author