Egypt Dressing and Fashion Considerations for Women

What to Wear in Egypt: Must-Pack Clothes for Egyptian Travel

Impressed by the country’s culture, fashion and history, Egyptian people are going to give a new fashion inspiration to the world. This is not new. Ancient Egyptian haircut, dressing and jewelry are famous among the women. The offers the Lacoste Discount Egypt on all these choices so everyone can follow the recent fashion trends in this country. The Lacoste Egypt store presents the best variety of Arabic clothing fused with Egyptian and western styles.

How Egyptian Women Dress?

Today, the Egyptian women have incredible freedom when it comes to fashion. They have access to western clothing choices such as tops and skirts. Women in urban and rural areas have a different living and outfitting style. However, the difference is slight and marginal. Modern fashion trends prevail in the big cities especially in the Cairo. People follow the European clothing styles and trends frequently.

What Makes The Difference?

No doubt, western fashions are fusing with Egyptian clothing but this creates a hybrid version. Understanding this hybrid version is necessary when you have a Lacoste Discount Egypt. Make sure that you select the clothes with cultural embellishments and designs. Understanding the environment and weather condition of country is also important. Light fabrics are more suitable in the hot climate. Most of the Egyptian women prefer organic cotton and linen dresses. These styles prevail in the entire country in order to maintain the fashions.

Female Clothing Trends in Egypt:

Although, this is a Muslim majority country but it has a friendly environment for the western concepts and living styles. Religious practices are not enforced in this country. However, the people know their limits and they like dressing in a decent manner. Egyptian like decent dressing choices and items even the skirts. Arabic clothing is dominant but majority of designers present comprehensive blends of western and Arabic styles. Covering all parts of the body is important. There are certain cultural relaxation for the pure western clothes such as leggings, jeans, skirts, tops and even the lingerie. The women commonly use all these pieces with certain modifications. For example, skirts are common but with knee-length style. Those who wear short skirts always put leggings in order to hide the thighs.

Fashion Designers in Egypt:

Remember the work of local fashion designers whenever buying the clothes acceptable for the community. Local designers such as Farida Temraz, Kojak Studio and Okhtein are very famous in the country. Clothes by these brands represent the true Egyptian dressing routines and cultures. Apply the Lacoste Discount Egypt whenever purchasing from these designers at the Lacoste store in this country.

International Designers:

Well, Egypt is a country of freedom and diversity. It has an open environment for the fashion and style industry. Several international designers such as H&M, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, and more exist there. Fortunately, people in this country adore the styles by these designers. You will find the clothing, footwear, accessories and more by the top international brands and designers at the Lacoste Egypt store online with remarkable deals and discounts.

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