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Not only does real estate keep its price when everything is rising less quickly. Even when inflation is high, the value of your real estate will remain stable because the costs for building and the raw materials also increase. When inflation is low, the value of your real estate continues to rise. Because the lower the interest, the more people have the opportunity to buy a property. The Property finance and development options are perfect there.

Invest in real estate

An investment or rental property can therefore help you to build up assets. Real estate investments offer a monthly income, are inflation-proof, you build up capital and it is a powerful tool for a carefree life. However, the purchase of commercial real estate cannot in many cases be paid entirely from its own resources. That is why often a lender is needed to realize the real estate financing of your intended real estate. Real Estate Financing knows the way, the rules and the right parties in this market to arrange suitable real estate financing for you. In case of PFD this is important.


Arranging a business mortgage

Real Estate Financing receives many questions about arranging a business mortgage. In this article we discuss the most important aspects of a business mortgage.

Buying business premises with a business mortgage

You take out a business mortgage if you want to buy a business premises. There are some differences compared to a mortgage for a home. For example, the corporate mortgage must be repaid with a linear loan in twenty to twenty-five years. This is thirty years for a house. An important reason for this is that business premises are being written off earlier due to the intensive use. Not all banks require a linear repayment; with some lenders it is possible to repay some or all of the repayments, so-called interest-only mortgages. You can find the best there with Property development loans  now.

  • Many banks have tightened their conditions considerably in recent years. For example, a number of banks have a policy of financing a business building for a maximum of 60 percent. The remaining amount must be raised by the entrepreneur himself. Real Estate Financing knows the way, the rules and the right parties in this market to arrange a business mortgage for you.

Higher interest in business mortgage Business mortgages that are provided for register goods, not being home ownership. The commercial mortgage interest rate differs from that of homes. This has to do with the composition of the debtor surcharge, which is composed differently for a business interest rate than for a private mortgage.


A mortgage on the owner-occupied home may generally be repaid 20% without penalty. In contrast to a mortgage for a home, a business mortgage can be repaid without penalty under strict conditions. Fines-free redemption is often permitted when the sale of the business premises is the result of the discontinuation of the business, a change in the business form or the partnership. Do you want to move to a larger business premises? Then there is a much greater chance that you will have to pay penalty interest if the mortgage is still running. Please contact us for more information.