Is co-working techniques disrupting Hyderabad’s workspace dynamics?


For quite a long term, the commercial real estate industry in India was restricted to the huge office spaces with lengthy lock-in times and high expenses. However lately there is been a revolutionary shift into the area that the new company owners think to be in best sync with co-working spaces due to the low initial investment. The little and average sized enterprises SME think to level up their workforce quickly than ever before.

These industries operating to find office spaces that are tailor made for their expectations, how?

Okay, this is all by their urge to be into a budget friendly and convenient office space as well as top best coworking spaces are understand for that, it has been the actual reason for company owners allowing co-working techniques that allow them to share not just the workplace, in fact, also the effective ideas and creative thoughts. Also, co-working spaces offers SMEs to begin their process without making lot of investments on large format properties.

 What is making entrepreneurs opt for co-working?

As we know, remote working has its own set of challenges such as limited connectivity to amenities for instance, internet, printing, lack of control on surroundings and the hugest among all the challenges are productivity. It’s all about these factors that have made the entrepreneurs rethink about their workplace techniques to bring it to the great practice, and it has led to the convenient and effective workspace solutions into the format of co-working.

Initial investment is the actual reason that lot of start-ups at present times are opting for affordable coworking space in Hyderabad, India just because of they can start their process without having to worry about setting up and altering the office space.

Is co-working in India?

The statistics say that it’s working. Recently, about 17% of ‘Position A’ office spaces in India are lying vacant. The exact statistic for Hyderabad and Delhi stands at 27% and 20% respectively. It makes it perfect that the businesses have found additional solutions to carry out their processes. This can be into the form of co-working, shared and serviced offices.

Nowadays, you can see about 10,000 co-working branches in India wherein there’re more than 5 million staffs, but, Asia has been the biggest for it in concepts of members.

However, co-working has evolved as a game changer for many start-ups at the present times. As it allows a best chance for the company owners to monetize their services without huge investment on the office space, co-working has been the common fact for the office space statistics mentioned above.

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