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Silicone and Silicon both are different. Most people understood both of the same. “Silicone” is different from “Silicon” because “E” indicates the fourteenth element on the periodic table and one of the base materials making up Silica considered quite commons substance available on earth. Silicones are synthetic polymers made up of oxygen, silicone and other kinds of elements. Silicone rubber comes in these different categories such as Bases, Liquid Silicone Rubber, Fluorosilicone Rubber Compounds and Bases, and Compounds. Each one of these categories holds its own specific specifications.

Accurate Rubber Corporation is a trustworthy company always try to understand your sealing needs and unique requirements. We can provide you tailor-made Rubber U Channel and incredible other kinds of sealing solution. We understand what can meet your needs or requirements. Use of silicones does not stagnant to any area but it is being used in a wide prospect. There is a variety of industries and consumer products where it is used on a large scale. It can easily be found in various job applications such as adhesives, coatings, sealants, aerospace and so on. Since they can withstand stress and extreme temperature, they are regarding ideal to use.

Silicone is chemical resistance and that is why it is used in the medical field on a large scale. There is no need to run out of options since wide hardness range is available to meet your industry-oriented business. Apart from it, silicone does not tend to reach what weather is going since it holds weatherability feature with itself. Talking about sealing performance, it is outstanding. Electrical properties also make it worth to choose for industry. Moreover, it also comes up with compression set resistance quality. Silicone is also used in food and medical industry because of having inertness factor. It means it does not hold any taste or any sort of smell and that is why considered ideal to choose. It is also available if you need translucent or colored one since it is easy to color. Moreover, it is also equipped with a high and low-temperature stability feature.

Do you know that silicone is used in electronics as sealants? Moreover, the reason is that it is equipped with salt, corrosion and moisture resistant. They are used for various applications such fax machines, keyboards, phones, computers and so on. Each industry requires to want according to its own unique requirements, and we do understand it right from the bottom of the heart. Apart from quality based rubber U channel, we also manufacture and supplies quality based custom size

  • Extruded Silicone Rubber U Channel Trim Gasket
  • U Section
  • U Shaped Seal
  • U Shaped Silicone Rubber Seal
  • U Channel Weather Stripping and U Gaskets

We have been bestowing in this field for a long time and hold the capability of manufacturing silicone products following different types of colors, shapes, and size. Our in-house team is equipped with excellent expertise in silicone extrusion. We are here to take your requirement seriously and deliver you on time. It does not matter what kind of size or shape you want since we always provide the best solutions. Our team is good at mixing capability making possible for us to custom compound going with different harnesses, shades and other amazing needs.

Silicone Rubber is also considered as the most commonly used synthetic rubber or polymer. This rubber type holds a similar bond structure as it is found in sand, glass, and quartz. Silicone rubber is actually composed of silicone and it is a polymer amalgamated with hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon. Do you know what features does silicone U channel feature hold? The prominent ones are being mentioned here –

  • Excellent non-stick properties
  • Food Grade, FDA Grade (FDA 21,CFR177.2600)
  • Temperature: Up to +200°C
  • USP CL-VI Compound
  • 3-A Sanitary Standards
  • UL, A-A59588 (Formerly ZZR-765E)
  • AMS, ASTM D2000, Military/Industrial, and Commercial specification
  • NSF STD-51 certified
  • Simple to install
  • Easy to clean

Rubber U Channel is made up of silicone rubber impart you excellent high as well as low-temperature resistance, better performance, longer durability which is unparalleled to other kinds of elastomers. Here, highly advanced extrusion techniques are used to fabricate customized U-shaped channel. Long wear life, low compression set, and superior mechanical properties are the key features making it ideal choice to go ahead. These U shaped Channel hold amazing application such as noise control, decorative trim and vibration control. Moreover, this is the reason making it the most sought after as weather stripping application. Silicone is chemical inert compound making it an ideal option for preparing food-grade U shaped rubber seal and gasket.

Have you ever imagined that for what purposes D Rubber Seal is used? You might have never imagined how widely it is used for various purposes. And the prominent ones have been mentioned below –

  • Door seals
  • Fridges
  • Containers
  • Seals and damping elements for vehicles
  • Building constructions
  • Window seals
  • Ships

Silicones are loaded with desirable properties. However, some engineers do avoid it and go with other polymers thinking that it might be costly such as ACM (Acrylic Rubber), BR (Butadiene Rubber), IR (Butyl Rubber), CR (Polychloroprene), SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber), FKM (Fluroelastomers) and so on. It is not true. All you need to do is hunt the right company providing Silicone rubber U channel& Silicone D shaped gasket at best prices.

Accurate Rubber Corporation is a leading company staunchly believes in catering a custom needs of Silicone Rubber Seal & Gasket. Do let us know your online inquiry and you will have quick response from the most genuine silicone rubber and products manufacturer. Get quality-based rubber u channel and other silicone extruded gasket at competitive price from Accurate Rubber Corporation.


To make custom seal as per your application & project requirements send us your CAD drawing and other requirements. You can also visit our website to grab more informationabout possibility of making extruded & molded silicone rubber products. Here, you can also find all sorts of extruded profile possibilitieswhich you can assist to make custom seal in desired shape and size.


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