Ways to pay the electricity bill without stepping out of home

With the Covid-19 pandemic situation getting worse by the day, stepping out of home is no less than a death threat. Even before the pandemic hit the world, visiting the distribution office physically to pay electricity bills were a hassle. On some days, the queues can become unbearable. However, the truth is that you have multiple options to pay the bills that do not require you to get out of your couch. Electricity bill payment online has become quite simple and this has been so for almost a decade. It’s time you try out one of these options:

#4 Official websites of distribution companies – You can complete electricity bill payment online on the website of the distribution company itself. It is one of the many solutions available to you and probably one of the sanest ideas. However, not everyone pays their bills on these websites. These websites have a minimalistic design and you would need to create an account. Also, not always do these websites offer interesting rebates to entice customers. You have better options available for you.

#3 Net banking platforms – If you frequent your net banking websites, you can pay your electricity bills through these platforms. These websites are definitely very secure. Make sure that you do not use any unknown or unsecured network. It is better to make payments on your mobile data or your private network. You can make multiple bill payments and recharge through this platform, thus consolidating your finances. Also, net banking does not require you to pay additional charges on bill payments.

#2 Digital wallets and payment apps – Though these payment platforms are quite good, payment apps on your smartphone seem more handy options. Though the net banking apps from different banks are quite useful too, you would be drawn by the simple and interactive interface of apps like Paytm, PhonePe or Google Pay. These apps allow you to make the payments through credit or debit cards, digital wallets and UPI. The Unified Payments Interface is a great way to pay electricity bills without stepping out of your doors. A lot of people use these platforms because of their convenience and good offers.

#1 Airtel Payments Bank – However, the best option of all is the Airtel Payments Bank website. It is a subsidiary of Bharti Airtel and is the first company in India to get the payments bank license from the Reserve Bank of India. Thiswebsite is a one-stop-shop for all types of bill payments and online recharge. It is very easy to use. Finding your way on this website would not require you to be tech-savvy. Also, there are cool cashback offers that will catch your attention. Electricity bill paymentonline is now very easy for each and every one.

These are some of the tried and tested methods to pay electricity bills without getting out of your house.