Which business major should I choose?

So, you want to study business but don’t know what to specialise in? There are a number of different functions within a business, and it can be overwhelming and intimidating when it comes time to choose what you want to study, and in turn, have a career in.

It’s best to choose something that interests you, so here are some tips on what the business majors entail.


Accountants learn the language of money and translate it to business decisionmakers to help them assess how the business is tracking and where they should be spending their funds.

Choose if you like: maths, taxation, auditing


Finance is all about planning. Professionals in finance help to interpret financial data and use these skills to assist businesses, individuals, or non-profits plan their budgets and investments. Those working in finance need strong mathematics skills.

Choose if you like: investment banking, stockbroking, risk management


Marketing professionals connect consumers with products and brands. They look after pricing of products, where to sell and target goods and services, and how to advertise and promote what they are selling. Marketing involves planning, research and analytics.

Choose if you like: sales, branding, consumer behaviour

Public Relations

Public relations is all about image and reputation. Instead of paying for advertisements like they do in the marketing department, public relations professionals work very closely with journalists to ensure they tell the story of the brand and work to achieve credibility through a third party source. PR involves plenty of writing.

Choose if you like: Publicity, social media, journalism.

Justin Author