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Moving is a stressful event and if you add your pet travel with you, the stress level shoots up. Transporting your dog isn’t a simple task. But, there are a few things which can make your transportation easier. Here is a list of tips which can make transportation of your dog simple.   

  1. Choose a professional for ground pet moving

Moving your house involves lot of planning, paperwork, labor and travel. It can be more daunting if you are shifting with your family and pet. Hence, you should hire a company which specializes in pet transport as they are majorly concerned with safe transportation of your pet to the new location. It means you can focus on your assets, belongings and other essentials and leave all the stress of your pet on them. Just supply them with the pet bed, food, toy and blanket for the road. The pet transportation services offer crate and on-the-road TLC. However, it is very important that you choose someone reliable and reputed.

Shiply gives you the luxury to pen down your requirements and then find feasible quotes for your pet transport. You can compare rates offered by different transportation companies and then pick the one which is best for you. Also, check out the services and amenities offered by the company and if they are pro in the field or not. Discuss the needs of your pet and then hire them for the desired date.

Once you have secured transportation of your pet, the rest of the tips is to make your pet ready for the moving day.

  • Never pack in front of your pets

Your pets are sensitive and they may prefer to live in their comfort zone. If they sense that their owner is planning to go out, they may get stressed, hence, make sure you don’t upset your animal. In order to prevent them from getting stressed, don’t pack their stuff in front of them. Make sure you maintain a normal environment. Avoid changes in the routines.

  • Keep their routine same

If you maintain the normal routine of your pet till your moving day, they will respond to travelling better. Do not change their eating hours. Give them normal attention. Maintain their play routines to keep them calm.     

  • Get them use to crate

No matter you are using your own car or going for a transport service, your dog will spend time in a crate or kennel. If this is new for him, make sure you introduce it to him a month before at least. They will never appreciate a carrier for the first time on the travel day. In order to create familiarity, put their favorite toy or blanket in it.

  • Schedule a meeting with your vet

Take your pet to their vet for a thorough checkup before the moving day. Your pet will never enjoy travelling if they are unwell. Make sure all their vaccinations are up to date. Get the certificate with you and give it to the pet transportation company.

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