Benefits of using Rapid app

Carrying the business cards in bulk for any event is now outdated. Where everything is going digitally you can also create your digital business cards in bulk with low cost. Rapid is the online app which is supported by both android and iPhone mobiles where you can design your business cards easily and in a desired way. This app is also a step towards the go green movement as you are reducing the usage of paper and moving digitally saving environment. 

Some amazing benefits of using rapid cards

    • Create business cards digitally – when you go for any business meeting you have to carry your business cards along with you for promoting your business. making of these cards on paper can costs you extra expenses whereas when you make these cards digitally you reduce the cost of  these card making. Thus the cost of promoting your business becomes way less giving out more benefit.  
    • Easy customization – customization of these cards can be done easily by you through this app. Decide what pictures and what all details you want to put in your card then design them using this app online and save the layout. Revise the final product and if you are satisfied with the card then move further and proceed to save it in your gallery. You can also customize different cards for different venue or conference. You can distribute as many cards among the public to promote your business.
  • Personal notes along with the contacts – not only helps in easy customization of your digital business card but also helps you to organize contacts in your phone. This app also provides the reminder and note down facility under each contact where you can save any information regarding person if you want. This helps many businessmen to remember the purpose of saving the contacts in their phone related to business. 

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