How Important is it to Make the First Page of Google’s in Marketing

Being present on Google first page การ สร้าง แบรนด์ ออนไลน์  has a lot of benefits. An effective SEO strategy has to be in place to make the top page result; this ultimately makes your brand more visible to the audience.

Ranking high on Google places you above the competitors you may have in the same market. Below are some of the benefits of making Google’s first page:

Improved Brand Awareness

Google’s top page is all about visibility. When people who seek information type in any keyword of a niche and search on Google, the result will be the most reputable brands in the niche that are both popular and authentic. What SEO is about then is a matter of brand awareness and recognition.

A high ranked business on Google positions the business above its competitors in the same market.

Higher Click-Through Rates

Staying visible on Google means you get a higher click-through rate. Google users are more likely to click on a link that ranks higher on Google. By clicking on your link, customers are more inclined to visit your page and order a product. You also record a longer time spent on browsing through your website.

Increased Authenticity

The first page of Google increases authenticity. Consider a Google search that attempts to find a surgeon in the United States. The result will provide a couple of listings that will focus on the top webpage.

For all we know, the results will reveal reputable surgeons in the US; however, it is only natural for the Google user to choose from the top results in the organic search.

Being on the first page of Google boosts the authenticity of your business, it convinces clients that you’re authentic, real and reputable.

Justin Author