How Short Term Loans Are Beneficial For Small Businesses in India

A competitive ambiance works like a stimulant for development for MSMEs. For a while now, small businesses in India have been growing in a disorganized market, capitalizing on changing client choices and trends. And one such challenge they need to handle is the lack of sufficient funds, whether by way of short-term business loans for MSMEs or investment in infrastructure or technology to scale up. The struggle to receive reasonable financing has resulted in numerous SMEs failing to understand their total capacity.

This condition is transforming for the better. Fast short term business loans provided by online lenders like Indifi are your new-gen finance choices for grabbing business opportunities which come your way. A reliable finance partner to depend on, Indifi has helped SMEs improve their profit margins with flexible short-term business loans.

Short-term unsecured business loans from digital finance companies provide a way out of chronic debt cycle and crippling rates of interest. Let’s have a discussion on why small businesses should seek short term loan in India:

  1. Immediate approval

Aside from the tedious procedure of submitting heavy paperwork and lots of documents, it’s likely that a traditional lender will keep SMEs waiting for loan approval. However, with digital lenders, applicants get prompt approval in minutes. Short-term loans are the backbone for small businesses. Meeting daily payments, a seamless supply chain, emergency expenditure, and many other unpredictable expenses are part of business operations. Hence, the lack of funds can affect many business aspects. Through instantaneous approval for term loans, digital lenders make sure SMEs avoid such crises.

  1. The easy online application process

In comparison with traditional lending institutions, NBFCs like Indifi provide the flexibility of filling out an online application form at any time, from anywhere. Uploading soft copies of documents online is a simple and hassle-free procedure. At this technological era, this is not a difficult job, unlike the multiple layers of procedures at a traditional bank, it is.

  1. A wide range of loan products

At Indifi, we understand that every small business works in an individual ambiance and has specific working capital requirements. Considering this vital fact, we provide convenient and innovative credit items to fulfil different financial requirements. Delivered in a client-friendly and efficient way, our short-term unsecured business loans can help SMEs fulfil their credit needs anytime. SMEs can select from many short loan products which best suit their business requirements. These incorporate term loans, merchant cash advance, line of credit, invoice financing, etc.

  1. Quick and client-friendly

Unless small businesses have some collateral to provide, turning to traditional lenders for a term loan might be pointless. When it comes to scanning an applicant for short loans, conventional lenders are extremely inconvenient. Conventional lenders need a business to be running for nearly 3-5 years to get loan eligibility. This is where new-gen FinTech lenders make a difference. Far more digitally powered and client-friendly, lenders like Indifi offer SMEs even as young as 1-year-old with short-term business loans. When it comes to business funds, aspiring SME owners require some hand-holding. These online lenders are here for doing only that.

  1. Easier on the pocket

Term loans obtained through traditional lenders can cost you more. However, those availed of digitally are far simpler for many reasons, incorporating:

  • A digital platform provides SME owners the loan tenure flexibility.
  • Online lenders offer a flexible repayment policy. All of Indifi’s loan products come with simple payback options. All financial products are provided at an affordable rate of interest.
  • A short-term loan in India procured from digital lenders like Indifi doesn’t carry a hidden cost.

Final Words

Over the last 5 years, there has been constant development in the number of SMEs in India. The sector is even opening up opportunities for tech-driven innovation. Nevertheless, this growing sector still needs adequate financial backing for boosting its worldwide competitiveness. Flexible repayment policies of short term loans in India from Indifi have brought easy access to funds.


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