How to Start Your Online Business with a Reliable Manufacturer?

Are you preparing to start an online business but not knowing how to get it off the ground? Do you feel extremely confused about how to choose your niche and select a reliable manufacturer?There’s no denying that everything could be hard and afflicting at the beginning of your startup. And if you want to stride fast to success and establish your career, you must make yourself through all those rough days in the early stage.

Being self-employed is not only a source of freedom, but also a source of pride and achievement for entrepreneurs. But finding a niche and a reliable manufacturer are big hurdles for you to get started. Here, I’d like to provide some suggestions to ensure a smoother ride for your e-commerce business.

Niche Selection

For most of your entrepreneurs, it is a necessity to niche down to ensure you become strategic in your choice to run a profitable e-commerce store. 

  1. Analyze the competition

If you want to stand out in the market which is full of dazzling commodities, the primary factor that you need to take into consideration is the competitiveness of your product chosen. It is noteworthy that the market of the product should not be too saturated or with little competition. Then I have to say that stainless steel water bottle is a good choice which has a huge market in America with few manufacturers for the lack of materials involved. Selling a scarce product in demand can bring you an unexpected harvest.

  1. Evaluate the transportation

Another important factor to evaluate is the transportation. In the case of mass purchases, the damage of goods has become an inevitable problem. To prevent this phenomenon from happening, you’d better choose the merchandise with high quality which is easy to transport and not easily damaged. If you like the idea of having your own warehouse full of goodies, then whether the item can be stored for a long time has also become a point of attention.

  1. Consider the cost

As an independent entrepreneur, when there is not much budget in the early stage, you must consider the cost of products carefully. Once the cost is too high, it may not only lead to an inadequate budget, but also get you paying more efforts to achieve the breakeven point. Therefore, it is crucial to find a reliable and low-cost manufacturer.

Tips to Find a Reliable Manufacturer

  1. Certifications

Certifications can be the most intuitive demonstration of a manufacturer’s reliability. If a manufacturer wants to gain a foothold in the American market, then there are two institutions to be mentioned. U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is the highest law enforcement agency specializing in food and drug management ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the products. And the products are qualified to enter the North American market with Electrical Testing Laboratories’ (ETL) certification, which was founded by American inventor Edison with a wide range of popularity and recognition in North America.

  1. Factory

The scope of a factory and the number of its employees can determine the manufacturer’s production capacity. Generally speaking, the equipment of a large factory will be more advanced and its production technology will be more mature. Choosing a manufacturer with a large factory can not only provide you with guaranteed quality, but also ensure you a fast production speed for your urgent orders.

  1. Collaborators

Undoubtedly, choosing a manufacturer who cooperates with many well-known brands that you know or are familiar with can ensure the quality of their materials and products. If those recognized brands are choosing to trust the factory, then their product quality and innovation ability must be somewhat superior.

Starting a profitable e-commerce business with a reliable manufacturer can be tricky, but if you take the suggestions outlined above, you should be able to streamline the process considerably.

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Justin Author