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Unlike other EID days or on other special occasions in the previous years, our kids are going to experience something new but strange in 2021. No doubt, most of them experienced the same last year in 2020 but this was something unexpected. In 2021, we are sure of lockdowns and quarantine even on the EID holidays. Entire Arab region especially Qatar is under strict lockdowns due to the third wave of Indian Covid-19. suggests everyone stay at home because this variant is more powerful and scientists are unsure whether the vaccine for covid-19 will be effective against this strain or not. Team also recommends the parents to find an Ounass voucher code so the kids will not feel disappointed. See these ideal dresses and accessories according to recent digital fashion weeks and trends.

Violette Tutu Dress:

This dress in tulle seems awesome. Click on the New Season at Ounass Qatar store and you will find beautiful Tutu Dress for girls by the Tutu Du Monde. Packing your little daughter in this beautiful dress will definitely make her EID special.

Roses Amethyst Bracelet:

Are you going to give your kids a big surprise? Young girls always love matching jewelry with the EID dresses. After all, it is a special day for them and they need celebrations in a special style. Consider the Roses Amethyst Bracelet by Baby Fitaihi because it is a top trending white gold and diamond (18-karat) piece. This bracelet will make the hands of your young daughter beautiful and more precious.

Signature Sequin Kaftan:

Thanks to Dima Ayad for this beautiful and gorgeous kaftan dress. This cute dress is present in the Sales so there is no need to apply the discount codes.  However, parents who have the opportunity of Ounass voucher code should not miss the advantage. They should apply it while shopping for kids on this EID day. Select the Signature Sequin Kaftan by the Dima Ayad and enjoy something that enhances the cuteness of your little girl.

Woven Raffia Sandal (Ankle-strap):

These sandals are in calfskin. Is it not enough reason to buy it for the girls? Parents who always believe in top brands must check this beautiful piece. This sandal is by Dolce & Gabbana. Yes, your favorite fashion brand presents something great and cute for the little girls. Pick the woven raffia sandals right now and let your girls enjoy the ankle straps.

Star and Monogram Motif Jersey:

Are you searching mesh polo shirts for the kids? Burberry presents something unique and decent for the little boys. This star & monogram motif jersey has a distinctive taste. According to kid’s fashion experts, it is a unisex piece but highly favorable for the boys.

Logo Cotton Jersey Shorts:

Some parents would like to buy jersey shorts in cotton due to summer season. Thanks to AIGNER for a classic addition at Ounass Qatar. Bring this black jersey and skin-colored shorts with Ounass voucher code and pair them with Heart Logo Sneakers (in metallic leather) by the Tommy Hilfiger.  


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