Plants are safer now than they were with an industrial computer:

There was a time when only people were working in the plant. Then time changes and according to that the working environment also changes. Now, every plant has an industrial computer. With the help of these computers, it becomes easy to operate the plant. Before that, it was done manually. And, chances of human error were high. Because of that accidents took place. Now, things have changed a lot. It decreased the error percentage and accidents. Because most of the things are monitored by Industrial computer [คอมพิวเตอร์อุตสาหกรรม, which is the term in Thai]and high-end software.

Most of the plants are now operating on these computers. It helps in establishing the connection between the production line and the IT system. So, the person can control the production in real-time.

Thousand of options to choose from

There are a lot of varieties in industrial computers in the market depending upon the usages. And, according to the price plant. One doesn’t need to worry about that they can’t find the specific computer for their plant. There are some commonly used industrial computers that someone can consider are MI5000, MI2000, MI1000, etc. Just find out the plant requirements and get the best industrial computer according to that.

Why can’t someone use a normal computer in plants?

To be specific normal computers are designed to do regular tasks. Like storing files, surfing, watching movies, and all. It is used for the office environment. And, the industrial computer uses for energy management applications, robotics and manufacturing control. These are the things that a normal computer can’t do. That is why these specially designed industrial computers came in use. To monitor all the data and analyze them. Also, when compared to performance it is obvious that industrial computers will win. Because of their advanced processor and everything. A normal pc can operate between 30 to 35 degrees Celsius whereas an industrial pc can operate from -40 to +85 degrees Celsius.

Justin Author