The Graphic Charter Of Your Website

The graphic charter of your website must be neat and sober. An effective site is first and foremost a beautiful site, in which the essential information is simple to find, and which is pleasant to browse.

However, between a restaurant website, a hostel website, and a pizza website we can imagine that the presentation is different. Take the time to think about the web design of your site.

Choose from the templates that are available but do not hesitate to copy the colors of beautiful websites. It’s super simple to do using free software, such as Color Picker, and this allows you to create your restaurant graphic chart very simply.

Set Your Restaurant Website For Mobile Use

More than 60% of visitor traffic comes from a tablet or smartphone even if you create facebook page for selling goods (เปิดเพจขายของ which is the term in thai). Having a responsive design site is essential today and must be accompanied by the process of optimizing the content of your pages. Google considers that a site responsive design allows loading a web page in less than 2 seconds, whichever network is used.

For responsive website design, this means that in particular, you must compress your images and choose the right format to reduce their weight (without altering the quality). Free and professional software exists and will allow you to reduce the weight of your images from 70 to 80% like TinyJpg or TinyPng.

Think SEO When Creating A Restaurant Website

All websites compete with top companies. To be visible to your customers, the search engines must present you. Google decides to present a particular website based on the quality of the SEO of it.

This phase of the creation of a website, although it is inappropriate, is the most essential. By neglecting your SEO, you take the risk that your website is not seen by anyone.

This is particularly important on a restaurant website because the searches of Internet users are by city or even by the district. The local SEO tasks for a site is of capital importance even if you open shop in lnwshop platform (เปิดร้าน lnwshop, which is the term in thai).

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