Work with Temp Agencies and What to Expect

If you have just moved to a new city or are looking for a new job the best place to start is with temporary employment agencies. Larger companies just don’t have the time to do all the hiring for their company and they turn to these agencies. 

Word of caution

But be cautious especially about accepting a night job. Night jobs can ruin your health – in fact one article I read said that one year of working nights will age you three. Often you don’t have the choice, but it you do – say no to nights. 

Temp agencies and benefits

Temp agencies pay good money and after working so many hours you also will have some benefits such as vacation time, payment for holidays and with some companies even health insurance. Many of the better companies in any city often use these temp agencies to help them with positions that are not currently staffed. This means that if you are a good employee and make a good impression, you could end up with a full-time position.

Be prepared for your 1st appointment

Be prepared when you go to a temp agency, as there are lots of paperwork, and some tests also. They will test you on a computer to ensure that you have computer skills, might have you write a memo or letter. There are other tests depending on the job you are applying for. So, don’t tell them you can do something that you can’t because they will test you on it. If you know accounting, there are several programs that businesses use, and you will be tested on them. 

Passing testing

But if you pass all the testing, they will probably have you working in the next 2 or 3 days. And who knows, if you make a good impression after several months, you could end up with a new full-time job so always be doing your best. Don’t take off sick; get to work on time and volunteer for extra assignments. Do anything you can to impress your immediate boss as well as the people you work with. Some people are naturally like that and you might be one of them. But if you aren’t and you really like this company, then develop habits that you might not currently have.

If you don’t like the job

Something else to remember, if you don’t like the job, mention it to the temp agency and they will try to find something better for you. They will have plenty of people to fill your old position with. 

Justin Author