Empowered Woman:  Tanya Kowalski We are thrilled to introduce you to our latest Empowered Woman, Tanya Kowalski:  Founder and CEO of Silken Pure, which provides self-care and luxury sleep items using pure mulberry silk for the modern woman. Photos taken by: Aria Smith, NYC Please share who you are and what you do professionally? I […]

Credit Unions vs. Banks: How to Decide

Deciding between a credit union and a traditional bank can be daunting. Many people struggle to decide between the two. Becoming more familiar with each of these two options and their offerings is a good way to decide which institution better suits your needs. If you’re looking for a federal credit union in Houston or […]

How does fund switching work in ULIPs?

A Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) has been in the market for quite a long time. However, a ULIP plan might not have gained popularity after its introduction due to its lack of flexibility. After undergoing multiple changes, a ULIP policy has re-emerged in the Indian market as a flexible form of investment. Today, a […]

Off-Page SEO And Why It Is Important

When it comes to SEO, there are two ways you can raise the search rankings of your website: on- and off-page SEO. On-page SEO involves what you can do on your website to increase your rankings, while off-page SEO involves what you can do outside of your website to improve your rankings. Both are just […]

Accidents at work and how to make a personal injury claim

If you’ve had an accident at work, then you may be eligible to make a personal injury claim. The definition of a personal injury includes any injury that an individual has suffered due to the negligence of another person or institution. If you have suffered an accident at work because of your employer’s negligence, you […]

How to Choose the Appropriate Age for a Shelf Company

When buying a shelf company, it is essential to think about the appropriate period. The age of a shelf company determines how much credit you qualify for. Shelf companies refer to different kinds of legal entities. They can be offshore, international or domestic corporations. The companies have been on the shelf after being incorporated. Choosing […]

Hire the personal injury lawyer for your help

A personal injury lawyer is capable of helping you in many situations and also helpful in recovering claims from insurance companies as well as third party. Many people usually suffer from several injuries due to uncertainties and accidents that took place due to others mistake. In that case, these accident attorneyshelp in protecting you from […]


To produce any type of commodity or product, we need a material from which it can be manufactured.  We all are looking for an alternative material for one thing to another. Among all of this, there are things manufactured from silicone. What are these products? Silicone rubber (ยาง ซิ ลิ โคน, which is the term […]

What would the world do without fasteners?

Most everything you use or look at has something or things’ to hold it together. What is a fastener? Well, they keep things together usually in non-permanent fashion as you can replace it with a new one or a different kind of fastener. What are they called specifically? Screws, bolts, nuts, washers, speed nuts, cotter […]