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The internet has emerged to complement the research methods and the main perceived advantages are: cost reduction over offline methods, speed of results, access to specific targets, richness of online stimuli and increasing need of customers for digital actions. At the you can have the best options now.

There are currently some obstacles that online search faces, such as the difficulty of reaching lower-class people, the elderly, the countryside, and the teen audience, but the biggest challenge facing professionals is customer distrust. The absence of an interviewer offers more sincere answers and no outside interference, increasing the quality of the information, measured through the relationship between trust and data validity:

Quality = Trust x Validity

It is worth mentioning that online provides numerous opportunities, such as dynamic and interactive questionnaires, cross-platform, multi-country studies and various forms of data collection.

Getting sample on the internet

Obtaining the sample data source is done internally (employees and customers) or externally through online panels. They can be called: “Communities of people who participate in market research and opinion in exchange for some incentive.” The panels are divided into open and closed, where open allows public registrations through massive campaigns and closed through private registrations through personalized invitations.

When we talk about online samples, a very relevant point is to analyze how the employee loyalty actions are performed. They can be divided into two strands:

Online data collection

In the digital age, where research is constant, the questionnaire remains the most appropriate tool for data collection because it is flexible, specialized and easy. Our recommendations for a good questionnaire are:

  • Adaptability for digital platform (mobile, tablet and desktop)
  • Creative and interactive features
  • Beware of yes-saying , i.e. the tendency of the respondent to answer yes
  • Ask questions with specific scales and enable good references for more efficient results.

Online Field Management

An online panel is not representative; it allows getting representative samples. Theoretically, it is possible to use any sampling technique, but in practice most studies are performed through quota sampling. Quota sampling consists of repeating the same proportion of elements from each layer of the population. Sample elements are not selected by lot.

Online fieldwork is a precise task because the results are obtained very quickly, as illustrated in the figure.

Since the first day of the field results in a high response rate, we recommend that you pay close attention to pre-quiz procedures, set an individual forecast, make selective submissions and report online.

New ways to search

Currently one method that deserves attention is the passive measurement of opinions and data through a Tracker. It is a computer application installed on the panelists’ devices, with their consent, that records their browsing data. With this tool, it is possible to conduct studies on consumer habits and behaviors through observational data.

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