How To Become A Registered Nurse

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Becoming a registered nurse involves completing a few steps. Registered nurses are in high demand so it is typically fairly easy to find a job in this field once certification is earned. A registered nurse can work anywhere from hospitals to even nursing homes. There are so many benefits to becoming a registered nurse and it is a great way to earn great income for one’s family. In order to become a nurse, one must look into and research different schools that provide nursing programs. For those that live in Kansas, they can look into a nursing school Kansas city.

Graduation from an accredited program is first and foremost needed in order to become a registered nurse. There are various options available. Nursing diplomas, bachelors degrees, as well as associates degrees are available in order to become a registered nurse. Even though acceleration programs can shorten a persons time, an associates degree will typically take two years to complete. A student will need about four years of nursing school completion in order to earn a bachelors degree. Some students may already be enrolled in an associates to bachelors RN program, and in that case it will take just two years to receive accreditation.

Under both bachelors and associate degree programs for nursing, students will need to complete certain classes. Biochemistry, anatomy, nutrition, microbiology, patient care, nursing research, and health care policy are just a few of the classes that students will need to take for bachelor degree programs in nursing. Capella University, Northern Illinois University, and Benedictine University are some schools that offer nursing programs. Again, one may also find a nursing school in Kansas city that offer the same programs for nursing students.

Once school has been completed, and a degree has been obtain from an accredited school, students must take and pass the NCLEX-RN exam. Employed nurses must have proper license in order to work anywhere in the United States as well as the District of Columbia. Background checks are usually required but students should get in contact with their state of nursing board to see if there are any additional steps required.

Again, since nurses are in high demand, once all of the above steps have been completed, employment should be fairly easy to find. After one has obtained their license they can begin the job employment process. Recent grads have many options available to them. Things will come natural as experience is given as a nurse.

Being a RN doesn’t stop there. If one is interested in advancing their career, they can continue their education and even specialize their knowledge. Some careers include certified nurse specialists, nurse practitioners, and even nurse midwives. For those that want to take it a bit further, there are many doctorate programs available. There are also further certifications a RN can undergo if they want to advance their career. Nurses can look into critical care, nursing management, or even acute care if they would like to expand their nursing knowledge and earn a higher salary.

Nursing is a great field to go into. Students must first find a school of their choice, but one that offers nursing programs. Choose which type of nursing degree one would like to obtain, and begin studying. Once a degree or certification has been earned, students can then go on to take their state license test within the state they reside so employment can begin. It may be a long road but it is one that is well worth it in the end for those that remain dedicated.

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