Keeping your business safe no matter what the risks

Security Risk Management training is very important in this fast-paced, technology-obsessed world that we live in today. Hillard Heintze is one of the leading companies that not only delivers but also designs top of the line training for many different areas within risk management. 

There are a variety of choices that differ widely because of different terms and factors such as content, time, the number of people that are a part of it and the different kinds of formats either in person or virtually.

Emergency preparedness training is one of the crucial areas for risk management to focus on. There are four different steps that are crucial when preparing and training for an emergency. A training course and informational handouts are a crucial key to make sure that the emergency preparedness training is carried out smoothly and with great results. 

Focusing on the four keys of emergency management is crucial to making sure the training is carried out and successful, mitigation and prevention, of course, being the first followed by preparedness, response and recovery. The different topics that are taught during emergency preparedness training in identifying and resolving things related to the various roles of the participants and developing an understanding of what makes up a crisis or emergency. Curriculum is a vital part of training. Especially that which lays out different scenarios and how one should react to them.

Managing a crisis and undergoing COOP training is a key step in making sure your training is complete as well. 

Customized table top training helps participants relate what they are learning to actual events and exercises the knowledge in real situations. Learning how to defer your training so that it is tailored for different sized of companies is crucial as well. A plan that works for a smaller company isn’t going to always be the best plan for a company with hundreds of employees. 

Making sure that the process aligns with the mission and what the participants are wanting to accomplish is always a top priority as well. When doing this it is always important to make sure that the vision, values are followed as well as making sure that the training and plan are functional.

Being away from the security and the threats to it is important and takes a certain kind of training that includes classes, exercises and seminars for every employee, executive and even the board members. It is key that all members of staff are on the same page and are aware of plans, threats and able to execute them when the time comes. 

The topics covered in this particular type of training range from the best execution in security and managing the risks. It also covers subjects such as shooter prevention and response, security while traveling and general safety training.

Executives are a crucial security risk to any company, because of their stature and power they are often targeted for money and other things of value. Executive protection Training is needed to make sure these high-level employees are kept safe when the company is attacked. 

The curriculum during this phase of training is designed for people who support CEO’s and other executives to have the proper protection at any level. Topics during this training include various protection activities, learning processes, technology training and other intelligence and emergency preparation.

Active Shooter Awareness and Response Training is possibly one of the most important and sometimes scariest tiers of the training. 

Developing a strategy to deal with active shooters is the first step. Not only that, but it needs to align with your existing emergency management plan. Personal survival strategies that connect to company-wide protocols is key during this training. 

Reviews and watching reinforce the concepts learned during training helps engage different learning styles.

All of these are crucial when completing security risk management training.

Justin Author