Stratford Management Inc Review Cities Like Seoul as Relationship with China Improves

Seoul is the capital of South Korea, and it is said to boom as soon as the relationship with China and South Korea improves. Investment companies like Stratford Management Inc review cities like Seoul that has significant potential due to Asian partnerships. If you want to know why you should invest in Seoul, you can read more about this.

South Korea and China Partnership

Chinese and South Korean leaders mentioned that they are looking forward to improving the ties of the two countries. This event is after the disagreement over the anti-missile system deployment by the USA that Beijing perceives as a threat. Despite the controversy, President Moon Jae-in of South Korean told Xi Jinping, the Chinese leader, that their shared history and culture prevented the estrangement of the two countries.

Thus, the relationship between the two countries will remain secure and even improve in the next coming years. Stratford Management Inc review cities like Seoul that would directly benefit from these ties. President Moon Jae-in said that the dream of South Korea would become helpful for China and that China’s dream would become an opportunity for South Korea. Xi Jinping, in his opening remarks at the Great Hall of the People meeting in the center of Beijing, described bilateral ties or a substantial relationship build influential relationships among different nations in the world.

What does this statement imply to both countries? Will there be promising ties between the entire Korean peninsula, including North Korea and China?

2017 Chinese-Korean Issues

In 2017, Ties between the northeast neighbors declined after Seoul accepted the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system establishment in southern South Korea. According to China, the real purpose of the system is to use powerful radars, peering deep into its territory, instead of warning the launching of North Korean missiles and shooting them down. That’s why China boycotted Chinese tour group visits to the country, as well as South Korean boy bands, Korean television shows, and cultural products. The Korean brands KIA and Hyundai also suffered losses as a result of this.

Eventually, the fury of Beijing subsided amid the trade war with the United States and other tensions in Asia. South Korea appreciates China because of its effort, as shown in the talks between the US and North Korea. They hope to gain positive results and close cooperation in the future. North Korea set a deadline for the United States to make concessions about nuclear talks without making any offers.

While the United States won’t accept the demand of North Korea, it encouraged negotiations. On the other hand, China is North Korea’s chief source of economic assistance and investment, and it’s the most important diplomatically. However, there is a limited ability to force the regime of Kim Jong Un to alter policies.


Firms like Stratford Management Inc review cities like Seoul, Korea, will have a bright future. With continued efforts between the two countries, China and South Korea still have improved relationships, and they believe that they can provide plenty of opportunities for both nations for the next coming years despite the disagreements.

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