Learning And Development: All In One Platform For Your Company

What is the biggest asset a company has? If you answered “employees” you would be right. The biggest effort your company will ever make is in recruiting and retaining qualified employees which means that investing in talent becomes a vital component to sustainable business growth.

It takes a huge number of man hours to go through the recruiting process to hire qualified and suitable candidates. Unfortunately, a company’s efforts often end there. The problem is that this process is no longer working. People are leaving and high turnover is not what you want. Recent Gallup studies show that workplaces engaging in employee development see a revenue increase compared to those workplaces that don’t engage in employee learning and development.

Online learning and development through a Learning Management System  (LMS) can help you by giving your training programs that interactivity they need. This type of platform can also help employees develop effective work skills to help keep your customers happy and help bring in additional revenue. What else is there to think about it. Need to find a reliable online learning platform? Click here to get one for your company. 

Make the Investment

Investing in good learning and development platform such as LMS- Learning Management System is vital to team retention. In fact, most people state that if a company would invest in professional development they would stay at a company longer. Replacing talent costs much more than retaining good employees, and in today’s business environment the recruiting process has become increasingly competitive, which makes improving your team’s performance imperative.

What is employee development?

It is a term we use across varying sectors, however, it encompasses the various employee learning practices. Modern training practices involve a learning and development platform where employees are able to learn specific skills and improve their work performance.

Why Use an Online Training Platform

Until now, many companies have been reticent in implementing training programs like LMS because of exorbitant costs involving travel, catering, venue and others. New e-learning courses cut all of these expenses out, and better yet, these courses can be updated and reused without further investment. It is these specific features that allow management teams to reach more learners in a more efficient way.

Make Learning More Efficient

Not everyone learns in the same way. Some people learn through videos, others prefer written notes, and others may like simulations to help employees grasp the new skills. So aside from cutting costs, an efficient learning and development platform serves these different learning styles.

One of the most notable features of the LMS platform is that they put varying content formats at your fingertips: videos, notes, infographics, etc. There is something or the other for everyone. In addition, different types of tests, quizzes and case studies allow for a more involved engagement and an increased level of understanding. This helps in getting more and more knowledge which directly or indirectly helps in progressing as an individual as well as bringing growth to the company. 

Courses are Self-Paced

Adults do not learn in the same way as children. Added to that, we need to take into account that not everyone has the same level of experience or knowledge. So, some employees will learn faster and others will acquire information at a slower pace. LMS can help one adapt to the specific needs of each employee which does not obstruct the pace of learning. Something an in-person course cannot do.

Get Measurable Results

Online learning and training platforms such as LMS offer a number of benefits. Those that are most notable are the ones we have listed here. However, there is an added feature here that can be especially important to a company’s management team. You can get measurable results from an e-learning platform. When you perform training practices online the data you need to measure effectiveness is easily available. You can access completion rates, engagement, assessment grades and the time it takes to complete a course. All of this information is available from the learning system.

Justin Author