15 Event Entertainment Ideas for 2019

Planning an event, whether it’s for a large company, a non-profit, or for the community at large, is always an interesting endeavor. The first step involves finding the best entertainment possibility and then planning the rest of the event around it. 

After all, you need to book your entertainment first, or else you might end up in a tricky situation. Here are 15 great entertainment ideas. They’ll work for events both large and small.

1) Hold A Themed Dance

Themed dances are very entertaining. It all starts with a cover band that matches the theme (such as a decade, like the 1950s.) From there, you can ask people to come in costume, choose themed decorations, and generally go “wild” building up the idea.  

2) Hire a Few Robots

While robots won’t work for every type of event, they can certainly complement the ones that you have planned in one way or another. For example, they can walk around and greet people, steer visitors in the right direction, and even take tickets. They’ll liven up the festivities in their own, weird way. 

3) Book a Dance Troupe

Thanks to competition shows that illustrate just what a dance troupe can do, these groups have become popular event entertainment. All that you need to do is find one near you and book them for your event. Of course, if you have the money, hire a nationally known act. 

4) Pick a Local Singing Group

There are numerous types of singing groups out there. Some colleges have opera singing programs (with some extremely talented vocalists) who can come and perform at your event. They’ll be quite a hit, especially once you make it clear that those students are still learning their trade – despite the extent of their talent. 

5) Hire Professional Ice Carvers

Did you know that there are professional ice carvers out there? You can book them for events, and they’ll show up with all of the tools of their trade. Your guests can watch them turn a block of ice into a flower or something equally elaborate. 

6) Create an Image Gallery

This is a great idea for a fundraiser that also provides some entertainment. Hire a bunch of local artists and have them paint a piece or two for your event. Create a gallery space for entertainment, and have the artists present. The artists will draw some attractive acrylic painting which will melt the heart of the guests. Auction off the works for charity. 

7) Have an Electricity Show

These shows consist of experts who know how to use various electricity conducting devices to create a dazzling display of lights. 

8) Hire Aerial Artists

There are plenty of artists out there who do interesting aerial acts. You can have some of them on hand, as long as your event space has a high ceiling or a stage that they can work from. Keep in mind that you’ll need to have enough insurance for a performance like this. 

9) Let the Clowns Serve Food

There’s nothing wrong with hiring waiters dressed as clowns. They can serve your guests food, and perform a small routine or two in between courses. This really adds some brevity to the entire event. Your guests will be laughing and eating good food at the same time. There’s nothing wrong with that!

10) Throw Some Inflatable Balls into the Crowd

You see this a lot at concerts and festivals, but it works well for many different types of events. Large, lightweight inflatable balls that glow in the dark provide plenty of entertainment, no matter the circumstances. 

11) Have People Dress Up Like Shrubbery

There’s nothing more entertaining (and creepy, for the record) than people dressed in shrubbery costumes. You can have them stand in the entryway and move when people walk past to give them a little scare. 

12) Hire a Bubble Artist

Did you know that there are bubble artists? These people can do amazing things with bubbles, including putting people inside of them, making giant bubbles that encompass other ones, and much more. They can really put on a show at your next event!

13) Put Up a Photo Booth

If there’s one thing that people love, it’s a photo booth. These booths tend to come with silly props, and they print out the pictures on the spot, giving people an instant keepsake. 

14) Create a Digital Forest

There’s nothing quite like walking into an event, surrounded by large video screens that project pictures of forests and other scenery on them. This gives you event some ambiance, as well as an entertainment factor that most others won’t have. 

15) Hire a Sideshow Act

Sideshow acts, like those who juggle, swallow swords, and more, are very entertaining. You’ll need a venue with a stage so that they get all of the attention that they deserve. Plus, this is the type of entertainment that many people never consider. 

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