Most Profitable Pizza Franchise to Start in India

Since the time pizzas have made inroads into India from the streets of Italy, the country has made this delicacy its’ own. Today, we have different brands selling different types of pizza in various flavours and customers are more than happy about it. Owing to this popularity, owning a pizza franchise is a great idea if you wish to start your own business. The following are the top 5 pizza brands that offer franchise business in India:

  1. Domino’s Pizza 

The name probably needs no introduction because it is one of the most loved pizza brands in India. Market surveys show that Domino’s Pizza, co-owned by Jubilant Foodworks in India, has captured over 60 percent of the overall pizza market in India and currently has over 1200 restaurants all over the country. So, if you wish to enter the pizza business and run a franchise, this company is a good option. However, you need to invest a minimum of Rs. 45-50 lacs and have a space of a minimum of 500 sq ft. 

  1. Pizza Hut 

This is perhaps the second-most favourite brand among pizza lovers in the country. Co-owned by Yum! Brands Inc in India, Pizza Hut is famous for its delicious pizzas and excellent service. They currently operate in more than 90 cities in India and have around 400+ restaurants all over the country. So, if you wish to kick start your franchise business with this brand, you definitely can go ahead. All you need to do is invest at least Rs. 50 lacs and own space of at least 1000 sq ft. to 1500 sq ft. 

  1. Pizzerio

This is a new brand that has been successfully operating in Pune for the last five years. They have gained much popularity in the city due to their tasty pizza variants and timely deliveries. So, if you live in Pune or a nearby area and wish to start a Pizzerio franchise, there is some good news for you. The brand has significant expansion plans and is looking for a single unit/multi-unit franchise. They offer early and high return on investment and extensive training if required. So, go ahead if you have Rs. 8-10 lacs to invest and space of 300-1000 sq ft. 

  1. Laziz Pizza

Owned by Laziz Food & Beverages, this is one of the fastest growing pizza chains in India. Laziz Pizza is a favourite among pizza lovers for its taste and variety of traditional exotic pizzas and a variety of other dishes like burgers, tortillas, etc. Currently, it has more than 200 stores across India and it plans to expand more in the coming years. So, if you can invest about Rs. 7 to 10 lacs and have a space of 200 sq ft to 100 sq ft, you are eligible to apply. 

  1. Pizzitalia

This one is a three-year old brand that has taken the pizza market by storm. Why, you ask? Well, this is the first pizza chain in India that serves fresh Italian hand-tossed pizzas on wheels. They also sell Italian homemade sauces that you can use in your kitchen. They work on two types of models – the pizza carts on wheels and quick service restaurants. They currently have more than 20 outlets all over India and are looking to expand further. So if you can invest Rs. 5-10 lacs and have a space measuring anything between 250 to 500 sq ft, you can start a Pizzitalia franchise. 

All these pizza brands have a huge fan following them in almost all the cities of India so you can rest be assured that you will never run out of customers at your outlet. Thus, if you are looking for a smart investment opportunity, a pizza franchise business opportunity in India is the way to go!

Justin Author