Perks of having a dog around in an office

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Some people really don’t like the idea of leaving their dog at home while they’re at work, which is why it’s becoming increasingly popular to bring dogs to the office. There’s nothing more uplifting when you’re having a rough day than having a dog put his head on your knee to give you some comfort.


Introducing your dog to the office can be a fantastically fun way to up the productivity of your staff, lighten the atmosphere, and give people a reason to be more social with each other. Many people could only dream of having a dog meandering around the office, and while there may be things like allergies and the insurance to consider, it’s something to think about. Sure, you may not want to introduce a giant St Bernard into the office – we’ve all seen the carnage Beethoven caused – it doesn’t mean that you can’t go for a smaller pooch.


Below, we’ll discuss some of the best reasons that you should consider introducing your dog to the office. It could be the best decision you make this year!

Things To Consider

First thing’s first, while there are practically no drawbacks to having a dog in the office, there are still some things that you must consider. These include:

  • Ensure that animals are allowed in your office building
  • Ask your staff: there could be allergies/fears to consider
  • Train your dog to behave!
  • Make sure that you have everything that your dog needs for its comfort.

Far Less Stress

Dogs can help you to deal with stress, especially when tensions are high in the office. It’s an easy distraction to have a four-legged friend nudge your legs to remind you to pet them. How can you be annoyed when there’s a dog to hug? You can’t, which is why they are excellent stress relievers. The whole team will be relaxed, wanting to feed them the best dry puppy food UK has to offer, and everyone gets involved! This reduces the stress levels in the office quickly.

Better Teamwork

We mentioned people being more friendly with one another – it’s true. Office dogs are excellent for bonding. It’s much harder for the quiet ones to stay silent when a dog is walking up and down the office. People like to migrate to wherever there’s a dog to pat, which brings people together in ways that you may not have imagined.

A Healthier Team

You will be falling over the people who want to take the dog for a walk through the day. So much so, you’ll likely need to draw up an office rota for everyone to stick to! This encourages more walking, and it’s a great way to share the responsibilities in the team. With everyone wanting to walk the dog, you’ll have a team getting their dose of fresh air every day, and it’ll increase productivity, too!

A Far Happier Pet!

When you bring the dog to the office, they will get a ton of attention that they may not have received had they been at home. This means your dog is happier, more active, eating well, and is having a far better time than being left alone. Because in honesty, if you feed the dog the right nutrients, give them dog worming tablets as regularly as supposed, provide toys, and shelter and now bring them with you to the office, you would find no happier dog than they in the whole world.

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