Sunglass Manufacturing In China: Expectations vs. Reality

China is the world’s largest manufacturer of sunglasses, according to estimates by Euromonitor, wholesale sales in China glasses increased by 5.8% to RMB 71.9 billion in 2018. The sales of sunglasses recorded the fastest growth, recording an increase of 6.8% over the previous year.

Increases in sunglasses sales

With improvements in the standard of living, consumers now attach greater importance to the health and protection of their eyes when choosing glasses, and a growing number of people are buying better glasses. However, most DisoGlasses customers tend to place more emphasis on the aesthetics of eyewear than on practical features. The tendency to buy individual eyewear brands is becoming increasingly obvious, but market forecasts suggest that more and more consumers are going for midrange branded eyeglasses.

More customized sunglasses

The desire of consumers for more comfort and individuality as well as the continuing specialization of the Chinese eyewear industry have led to the rise of the tailor-made sunglasses market like These customized glasses are individually designed to meet the different needs of the customers. For example, they are made in different shapes to accentuate their personal style or adapted to the user’s facial contours. This is seen as a way to develop the sunglass industry and help various brands modernize and build their customer base.

Modern fashion accessory

More and more people are buying sunglasses as fashion accessories to project their personal image. Many brands of sunglasses and luxury brands,like DisoGlassesare expanding their range of sunglasses to further increase sales. With more young children requiring fashionable sunglasses and more parents willing to pay for high-quality glasses, the youths have become a coveted segment of the sunglass industry.

In addition, the increasing popularity of smartphones and electronic devices with nearly 67% of children six and under having an electronic device. These young children – whose eyes are not fully developed – are exposed to blue light emitted by these devices. New blue light blocking glasses have become popular with many parents who want better eye protection for their children.

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