Five Types Of Translation Services

Do you want a translation done for you? What kind of translation service do you need to be rendered? Are you looking for documents translation services in “Patong” (รับแปลเอกสาร ป่าตอง, which is the term in Thai?)

The translation world is a varied and broad one. There are several theories about translation, diverse translation technique, and different types of translation services, such as legal translation, financial translation, and judicial translation. Below are more types of translation services:

Scientific Translation

This is a subdivision of technical translation. As the name implies, scientific translation is associated with documents in the science domain, such as study reports, presentations, congress booklets, papers, thesis, and articles, amongst many others.

Financial translation

Also referred to as economic translation, financial translation is associated with documents concerning the likes of the stock exchange, banking, and finance activity. These comprise of financing packages, financial contracts, financial statements, company’s annual reports, and so on.

Legal Translation

Legal translation deals with a wide variety of varying documents. They may consist of technical documents such as texts and expert opinions for judicial purposes, administrative texts such as registration certificates, legal documents such as warrants and summons, a number of texts with minutes and reports of a court proceeding, remittance drafts and corporate statutes, etc.

Certified Translation

Certified translators can make use of their signature to validate an official translation. They are documents that usually need legal authentication, and are hence tagged “certified”. A certified translator acts in the capability of a legal expert or works in a courtroom as a juridical translator. They also provide translations to wills, divorce settlements, marital agreements, civil status documentation, etc.

Judicial Translation

This type of translation is almost the same with certified or legal translation, but should not be confused with them. Judicial translation deals with a translation conducted in a court setting. A judicial translator specializes in translating documents like minutes of interrogation sessions, deposition, expert opinions, judgements, minutes of proceedings, letters rogatory, etc.

Justin Author